#include int main(void) int arr<10>; arr = "Hello"; printf("%s",arr); return 0;The above code shows compiler error:

t.c: In role ‘main’:t.c:5:9: error: assignment to expression through array type arr = "Hello"; ^t.c:6:12: warning: style ‘%s’ expects dispute of kind ‘char *’, however argument 2 has kind ‘int *’ <-Wformat=> printf("%s",arr); ^Whereas the listed below code works fine.

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#include int main(void) char arr<10> = "Hello"; printf("%s",arr); return 0;Both look the same to me. What am I lacking here?

They are not identical.

First the all, it provides zero feeling to initialize one int selection with a cable literal, and in worst case, it might invoke unknown behavior, as reminder to creature conversion and also the validity that the converted result thereafter is extremely platform-specific behaviour. In this regard, both the snippets space invalid.

Then, correcting the data type, considering the char array is used,


Don"t know just how your 2nd code is working (its not functioning in my instance PLEASE phone call ME WHAT can BE THE REASON) it is saying: selection of inappropriate kind (int) initialized with string constant

Since girlfriend can"t just assign a whole string to a creature variable.but you can assign a single character to a int change like:int a<5>="a","b","c","d","d"


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