A Hireling of home Telvanni is a pursuit in ESO Morrowind. It takes you with the adventures that the servant Sun-in-Shadow in Sadrith Mora. This quest is the very first of plenty of in a large chain. Completing them all will unlock the climbing Sun achievement, which is precious 10 points.

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Where to start Hireling of home Telvanni quest

To start the quest, talk to Eoki in Sadrith Mora. This negotiation is situated in eastern Vvardenfell, in an area through a the majority of tiny islands. Eoki is raking the grass near the docks. As soon as you talk to him, he will ask you to go and also talk to Sun-in-Shadow. If you agree, the search will start.


Pickpocket the poor Poem and also Take Correspondence

Sun-in-Shadow is in the biggest residence in Sadrith Mora. Go inside and also you’ll find her close to the stairs. She will give you the job to discover Eravan Onthim’s Chambers. They space in the Council house just north from wherein you acquire this objective. Find a door with a tiny canopy over it and go inside.

Once inside, you’ll must speak with Bralen Neloren. To obtain to the following objective, you’ll have to pickpocket the negative Poem indigenous Ethrandora in the Wizard’s Study, a adjacent room.

To pickpocket the bad Poem successfully, crouch and also get behind Ethrandora. Shot not to it is in spotted when doing so. If close come her, shot to raise the pickpocketing possibility to 75% in ~ least, by waiting for the ideal moment. You don’t desire to it is in caught.

Get back to Bralen and give the bad Poem to him. He could hesitate at first, together there was no search marker because that him to accept it, but just be patient. Once he has the poem, he’ll leaving the room, and also you’ll have the ability to take Magister Therana’s post from a nearby table. If you favor to review letters like this one, it will provide a far-ranging clue for completing the next step.

As you get the correspondence, you’ll acquire a brand-new objective. Get earlier to Sun-in-Shadow to finish it and also get the following one. Travel to Zaintiraris. This area is in southeastern Vvardenfell, south from Molag Mar.

Pickpocket the negative Poem
Correspondence Box

How to get in Zaintiraris?

There is a platform through braziers you have to light up in the exactly order. As soon as it is excellent properly, the mad Prince’s door will open, so you can enter Zaintiraris.

The clue because that the exactly order is uncovered in the post letter, but also on a Scribbled Note just next come a pile of bones in ~ the center of the platform. The equipment part clearly says: “A family of skulls say “How execute you do?” two shout “We’re one!” and three yell “We’re two!” 5 glare at “three” as six laugh in ~ “four”.”

This method you’ll have to count the skulls next to the braziers. Different braziers have different amount of skulls next to them. To open up the gate and also enter Zaintiraris, you’ll must light increase the braziers in the adhering to order: first – 2 skull brazier, 2nd – 3 skull brazier, third – five skull brazier, fourth – 6 skull brazier.

Fire increase braziers in the correct order.
Zaintiraris Entrance

The first and 2nd braziers have actually the skulls situated on the column’s platform just behind them. The 3rd brazier has actually all 5 skulls positioned in former of it. The critical brazier has all 6 skulls placed on two sticks ~ above the side.

Find a method to accessibility the central Chamber and also Get the Finger Bone

Head come the southern component of Zaintiraris. Get in the room dubbed Inner Sanctum. In ~ the facility of this room there is a circular rock table with a strange Key. There’s a solid enemy here, called Izhavi the Petty. You’ll need to fight him to collect the key.

With the key, get earlier to the central room and look at the contents of the Daedric Reliquary chest. Once again, you’ll must fight off part enemies. Within this chest, you’ll find the Finger Bone that Saint Felms. Acquire it and also leave Zaintiraris, and head south toward Tel Branora.

There is a tower you need to enter. Action on the central platform and also use the teleport to gain to Therana’s Chambers. After the conversation v Magister Therana, wait a bit, and also take the Magister’s Writ that the table.

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Take the peculiar Key
Finger Bone that Saint Felms
The Writ of Sponsorship

We are currently coming come the finish of the quest. Get earlier to the Sadrith Mora with the writ, speak to Eraven Onthim and meet Sun-in-Shadow in the council Chamber. Be sure to WAIT for the ceremony to end, in bespeak to expropriate the following quest in line, dubbed Rising to Retainer.

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