I just read it the end of Girl v Curious Hair; it appeared short. I'm having trouble understanding its significance. The totality colloquial accent he gives the key character reminds me a little of the accent of Wardine's friends form Infinite Jest though theirs to be much much less pristine to me. I don't understand the story behind it or why DFW created it or what is also really happening apart from a pair having a sincere conversation in the confront of your deteriorating relationship.

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Title fix: "Everything is Green"?

Edit: u/matthewn totally currently corrected my ignorant lobotomized question as to the piece's "significance." (I'm palming my face just thinking about how mislead the premise that my question was.) If you acquire a chance, please upvote his comment.


Significance? i don't think that this story the way. To me, it's DFW painting a very vivid photo and ending with an emotional punch after just (not even) 2 pages. There's a lot packed into those 2 pages; it's an extremely disciplined little bit of writing. A comparable piece is Incarnations of shed Children, which additionally sets rather a scene and tells us a ton about its characters in a really short lot of time, and also then punches girlfriend in the gut at the very end.

As come "why DFW composed it": due to the fact that he could. :)

Wow. Give thanks to you therefore much. This really opens up my eyes. I think being a high schooler currently going through AP Eng. Process I've to be conditioned come this bogus state the questioning the "significance" of accurate everything and also I hate that. Not whatever has to be significant or even is. Wow. Give thanks to you again, for reminding me about what matters--the creating itself.

Oh yeah, by the method I've red Incarnations of shed Children and you're point out on through your summary of it. Boy-o. Those few pages (three, ns think) yes, really rocked me to my core. My favorite quote and probably the many shattering for me I can still remember is his description of the baby's soul (I think) as "so much vapor aloft" and also the sort of nod it gives to the door's untended hinge and also whatnot. To me the prose type of that entirety piece is nearly melodic. Certain stunning. Wow. Thank you thank you say thanks to you.

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I would include that it's about a connection where two civilization no much longer are on the same web page so come speak. Ns don't remember the story that well, would have to re-read because that details, however without looking too much right into it...I think it's just about them seeing points differently. The woman literally says "Everything is green" and the male points out the points in the backyard i m sorry aren't green. They've get an impression apart. Ns remember it starts off with something around the woman lying about something? type of basic but still powerful/emotional.