Our carry Barnes & Noble Plaza Eye treatment Location

sommos.net wear Barnes & Noble Plaza is her full-service eye care center in Cary. We have three highly trained optometrists top top staff, offering routine eye exams, preventative care, and also treatment. sommos.net cary Barnes & Noble Plaza provides complete optical solutions, providing state-of-the-art lenses, designer frames and also even sunglasses. We can also assist fit patients into contact lenses and refer patients for LASIK surgery.

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With sommos.net wear Barnes & Noble Plaza, you can see the sights that Cary much more clearly.

Our cary optometrists are currently accepting brand-new patients at our cary Barnes & Noble Plaza eye care center.

The sommos.net wear Barnes & Noble Plaza office is located in the carry Commons Plaza, along with Barnes & Noble and also FedEx. The office is in a standalone building by CEI.

Comprehensive Eye CareComprehensive Eye ExamDiabetesDry EyeGlaucomaKeratoconusKid's Eye ExamMacular DegenerationOcular DiseasePediatricsRed EyesSpecialty call Lens Care



Not all insurance plans embraced at every locations. Please call the office directly if you carry out not view your insurance money provider ~ above this perform or want to check coverage v a certain doctor.

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Cary Barnes & Noble Plaza call Lenses

See around Cary more plainly with contact lenses native sommos.net. The eye doctors at ours Cary Barnes & Noble Plaza office can help you decide if wearing contact is ideal for you.

Cary Barnes & Noble Plaza Eye Exams

At sommos.net in Cary, our trusted team that eye care professionals provides an extensive eye exams including preventative care, treatments, and routine check-ups.

Cary Barnes & Noble Plaza Eyeglasses

sommos.net on 720 SE Maynard Rd. In Cary uses state-of-the-art prescription lenses and a huge selection of men’s and women’s frames and designer sunglasses from top brands.