Yes, here we room in the center of a pandemic, however we never stop looking for an writer to this quote. Transforms out we are not the just ones to inspection who can have stated “It is never too late to it is in what you could have been.” according to Garson O’Toole, author of Hemingway didn’t Say That: The fact Behind familiar Quotations George Eliot was additionally said to be the writer of this words. Turns out lots of world have probably said this quote. You deserve to read his complete short article here. Countless thanks come Garson O’Toole for every one of his work.

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Happy new Year every you Scott F. Fitzgerald and also Brad Pitt fans! I just wanted come share v you the many recent sharing of this write-up which was through two fellows who appear to be living in brand-new Zealand. You deserve to read your blog entry on Fitzgerald and Pitt here. As they write: “The over quote is a quote native the movie adaption of The Curious instance of Benjamin Button, even though F.Scott Fitzgerald it s okay a lot of the credit.” thanks Wayne and Jackson because that taking the time to correct the record. This librarian salutes friend both!

“You haven’t offered me much idea that __________. Would he object to her working—outside the home I mean? Excluding an individual charm, which ns assume, and the much more conventional virtues which go through success in business, is that his very own man? has actually he any force the character? Or imagination and generosity? go he read books? has he any type of leaning towards the arts and also sciences or anything beyond creature comfort and also duck-shooting? In short, has actually he the possibilities of development that would make a life time with that seem attractive? These points don’t show up later—they space either there latently or they will never be there at all.”


Heavens come Murgatroyd, i’ve come throughout another faux quotation on the Internet. Actually in this case, that was actually a quotation the a friend of mine post (not discovering putting increase faux quotations in former of a recommendation Librarian is favor putting a red flag in former of a bull). Trouper the she is, she to be happy to exactly the attribution once I described the details.

This to be the quote together she wrote it:

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too beforehand to it is in whoever you want to be. Yes sir no time limit, prevent whenever girlfriend want. You can readjust or continue to be the same, there room no rules to this thing. We deserve to make the finest or the worst of it. I hope you do the ideal of it. And I hope you see things that frighten you. I hope friend feel points you never felt before. Ns hope friend meet civilization with a different allude of view. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you uncover that you not, i hope you have actually the strength to start all over again.”

And it to be attributed come F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Well, it didn’t sound exactly like F. Scott Fitzgerald to me, therefore I believed I’d investigate. As it turned out my friend thought that it was a quotation indigenous Fitzgerald’s short story “The Curious case of Benjamin Button”. Happy we had actually a copy of the short story ~ above the shelf … no such quotation in the story.

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So … wherein else can it be? Well, i knew there had been a movie, and also I found a copy of the screenplay. Below is the quotation i found:

“For what it’s precious … it’s never ever too late, or in my case too early, to be whoever you desire to be. Yes no time limit. Begin whenever girlfriend want. Girlfriend can readjust or remain the same. There are no rule to this thing. We have the right to make the finest or the worst the it. Ns hope you do the ideal of it. I hope girlfriend see things that frighten you. Ns hope friend feel things you never felt before. Ns hope girlfriend meet people who have a different allude of view. I hope friend live a life you proud of, and if you’re not, i hope you have actually the courage to start almost everywhere again.”

The screenplay for the movie was created by a fellow named Eric Roth, so i think it is for sure to say that he wrote these lines. (Although my favourite attribution the the quote is Brad Pitt … due to the fact that he stated the lines, therefore he must have written them? ) You’ll notice there space some differences between even these 2 quotations … the most significant being the word stamin substituted for words courage. However guess what … Brad Pitt actually states the indigenous strength as soon as he states the heat … for this reason did he make the readjust or did who on the set make the change? even with a straightforward quote, there seem to always be questions. Want to see Brad Pitt to speak the lines? You have the right to see the on Youtube.

Just another cautionary tale … don’t think everything you check out on the Internet! (And if you desire to read about a faux E. B. White quotation you deserve to read mine blog entry here.)