A the majority of users have recently been gaining the “Launching the game failed! Failed come download file, the document contents differ from what to be expected” blog post while trying to launch Minecraft and they receive a number of different errors that show up top top the user screen. Therefore, in this article, us have dedicated ourselves to solving this problem completely.

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The paper contents different from what was expectedMake sure to follow every the steps in the exact order in i m sorry they have been presented in order to avoid additional escalation the the issue. Most frequently than not, this error wake up while trying to play Minecraft or Modepacks and also you are unable come start because of a various jna-4.4.0.jar file.

What causes the Failed come download file, the document contents differ from what was intended Error?

After going with a lot of of various forums and also user comments, us concluded that the concern is greatly only caused as result of one issue. When the user is trying to download a mod load or when trying to launch the game. However, save in mind that this concern is mainly triggered as result of some missing or misconfigured mod and also jar files. Therefore, we recommend that you monitor the solution below and also replace the jar document using the steps.

Solution: change the .jar File

This solution can be provided by both MAC and also Windows users. If you’re utilizing the Twitch Launcher make certain you exit from it before you try to implement this solution. Follow the steps listed below to perform this fix:
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As quickly as the error is presented on your display “Copy” the connect as given in the “URL” on the error window.Then open up up your “Browser”, dough the URL in the browser’s address bar, and also afterward, press “Enter”.Once you hit the Enter switch a document will acquire downloaded come your system automatically.Now continue to the “Download Directory” and also from here “Copy” the freshly downloaded file.Next, monitor the record path displayed in the error, the course varies from user come user but it have to be as below:/Users/*your username*/Library/…Once within the proper folder, girlfriend will check out a “.jar File” which was installed at first (the paper may be absent for part users yet no worries).Now right here “Paste” the document that you downloaded and copied previously inside this folder. (Replace the paper if your computer prompts you to execute so).

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Note: You have the right to paste the downloaded record in both of the areas mentioned listed below if the above-listed an approach doesn’t work for you:C:UsersWIN10USERNAMEAppDataRoaming.minecraftlibraries etjavadevjnajna4.4.0C:UsersWIN10USERNAMEDocumentsCurseMinecraftInstalllibraries etjavadevjnajna4.4.0When perfect with every one of the steps try to open up the game again and check whether failed to download record the paper contents differ from what was expected. Name jna-4.4.0.jarif concern gets resolved now.Hopefully, the above-mentioned equipment will assist you bypass the error easily but for any further concerns or queries, girlfriend may contact Us here.