We pick up whereby we left off. As Jellal and also her have actually a rigid down, v him looking an extremely serious.

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She acts innocent once questioned regarding why she is through Fairy Tail , offering her common response, since of Natsu. However he mentions the there is a faith group choose Avatar, who worships her, the White Mage. Castle are referred to as “Liberias”.

Page 3 and 4


He goes on to explain that her philosophy is to readjust the civilization into a white nothingness. She dodged the an answer and plays dumb, stating she just knows Water magic, when asked where she acquired it, she looks really nervous.

Jellal is totally aware of exactly how she stole that from a dragon and also many reports say as much as 100 civilization have had actually their magic stolen as well. Even world have died from magic deficiency due to the fact that of this and also the culprit is stated to be a believer of Liberias. Which leads to her, he now reaches end to grab her hand, she umbrella drops and she yells at him.

Page 5 and 6


But come interfere and also grab his hand, is Laxus. Right here to protect this “fairy tail mage”. She theatre the victim and also makes Jellal look favor the poor guy.

Both exchange significant looks, when Jellal make the efforts to talk his method through Laxus and also states she is dangerous, that sticks v protecting household members. Jellal proceeds with his human Resources actions as he asked if Fairy Tail walk a background inspect or anything. Once again, Laxus shrugs the off.

Page 7 and 8


The 2 exchange one last an extremely intimating look come each other one an ext time before we switch earlier to our heroes and the Dragon Eaters.

They too space on the hunt for Touka and her powers that she stole.

Page 9 and also 10


As they room on the ship, we see Kyria has made Erza she “pet”, embarrassing her even more.

She to plan to keep her for a while, Erza tears up and looks level scared.

She tells Erza if she is quiet, she will store petting her, sparing her life. She climate starts relocating her what else.

Page 11 and 12


They head to what looks to it is in the soldier of the ship, whereby all your supplies and such are. But tied up to a pole room two sea sick Dragon Slayers, Natsu and Wendy.

She urges her girlfriend to also obey Kyria and also they will be saved. Both watch with grieve, unable to assist her.

Page 13 and 14

She begs Kyria to not hurt them,but she slaps Erza and also then sits on her back, utilizing her together a human chair. Natsu yells the end at Erza, angered at this sight.

Meanwhile, Wendy thinks of what occurred to the others. Together Lucy is now shown in a rowboat, with negative cuts and marks every on her.

Page 15 and 16

We acquire a remind of she waking up ago at the temple. Whereby she watches an hurt Mercfovia and a saddened Carmille.

She states she saw the Dragon Eaters take away the others.

Lucy is all set to go discover her friends when Carmille politely, yet angrily asks them come leave.

Page 17 and 18

Now, when Lucy is in the boat, Happy and Carla return indigenous scouting. Stating castle found another ship approaching.

Worried about who can be ~ above board, lock contemplate hiding or fleeing. Yet the mysterious person says there is no need. Together she flicks off a tiny object, i beg your pardon is actually a little Gray. It is none other than Brandish! Who says she happen by and also saved him.

Page 19

The final page mirrors her chilling the end in her consistent bikini like outfit v high heels. Waving to she old acquaintance . Together she is shocked to even see her!

Overall Thoughts and Opinions

So Jellal has finally apprehended Touka. That plays the victim to his accusations and acts innocent. The was amazing to learn more about what her title as the “White Mage” truly represents. As currently we recognize she desire to fill the world with a white nothingness. A brand-new cult is also revealed. Ns assume they will make an appearance quickly or perhaps an invasion. Maybe she wishes to use Natsu because that some ritual or sacrifice. Why else would she steal Water magic? maybe to overpower Natsu due to the fact that he is weak come water obviously.

I didn’t expect Laxus to present up though, all mighty and also protective of her, because she is a Fairy Tail Mage. I carry out like see him display a much more caring side to his guild mates but it’s weird because that him come think Jellal has actually showed up because that no reason. That is always looking to protect against trouble and wouldn’t just target a Fairy Mage for nothing. Offered the look the two exchange, will certainly they end up fighting ? offering us a true Jellal vs Laxus match up, due to the fact that Mystogan was the one come fight him before. Or will certainly Touka punch her cover even much more and just strike the 2 of lock before more help arrives?

Now for Lucy, who obtained bamboozled. By being the last one to wake up up and everyone else to be captured. She all all set to go when Carmille is like, “you’ve caused sufficient trouble here, get out” only giving her a rowboat come leave. I hope she’ll perform something to redeem herself later on. She was type of useless this last pair chapters.

Getting come the weirdest part of the chapter, is Kyria. Make a pet out of Erza is simply .. Therefore shameful. The was bad enough when she acquired tortured by Kyoka means back in Tartaros, however at least ago then she remained strong. Hang in over there Erza fans. I really hope she snaps out of that soon and gives her the biggest comeback attack ever. Or if Wendy is offered an possibility to enchant herself and also Natsu, possibly they deserve to do something.

Finally the probably the many surprising moment, as none the us meant Brandish to display up. Ns think that pretty cool exactly how yet again she saved one more Fairy Tail member. If the took she magic in bespeak to save Gray, then maybe he actually would of passed away if she wasn’t there.

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But what is she doing method out in Elmina? has Dimaria accompanied her too? So lot to be shown I am truly looking front to it. Probably she and Lucy will certainly team up against Kyria, that would certainly be pretty dope.