Choices and Consequences: Informing the Railroad and Brotherhood that Steel

Bunker Hill. These gates will close, forcing you to fight your means around the back. It"s simple fight, and for currently you"re ignored. A job may adjust the AI behavior, but - it is in warned.

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The fight of Bunker Hill takes ar after Synth Retention. Friend are offered the search to recapture escaped Synths and return them to the Institute. However, together the pursuit dialog point out out, you have the choice of informing the Railroad and also Brotherhood the Steel. This is a fairly simple pursuit if you perform neither of those things. This guide will teach girlfriend the miscellaneous outcomes, and also how you deserve to score tons of loot without damaging your reputation with any kind of of the connected Factions.

There will be a fight whether you educate the various other factions or not.

Informing the RailroadTravel come the Railroad and speak come Desdemona. Her job for you will certainly be to kill the Courser the escorts you come Bunker Hill, in stimulate to free the Synths.

Informing the Brotherhood that SteelHead come the Prydwen and speak with Elder Maxson. His task for friend is to death the Synths, in order come send the academy a message.

Inform No OneThis provides the quest just about the very same - just go v the Courser and get the Synths, speak through them and use reset codes. I desired the messy route, and you may as well. It seemed there were an ext fighters present when informing both factions. Notify who friend want, you"ll have a 3-way fight the is an extremely action-packed no issue what friend do. You"ll acquire loads the loot from the dead, ns recommend spilling your guts come both factions and also killing those who have nice weapons.

Before girlfriend GoClear the end you and your companion"s list so friend can bring as lot as possible. I recommend no taking X6-88 if you plan to do everyone fight. This way, you can carry more. As soon as I quick traveled far from here, the rest of the loot disappeared and also you can only lug so much. Focus on weapons first (Gatling laser and Gauss Rifle), then BoS strength Armor. Girlfriend should have the ability to get several fusion cores and plenty of cells for energy weapons. Don"t bother v railroad armored clothing, as it can"t be damaged down.

The fight of Bunker Hill is a frag-fest and you have the right to score some good weapons and ammunition here if you"ve informed the Railroad and also Brotherhood.

The BattleAs quickly as you fulfill with the Courser, that will contact for backup, discovering an ambush is waiting. The Brotherhood the Steel and Railroad will be there, and you"ll be in the thick of it together all three enemies fight it out.

I have to wonder if Bethesda will certainly not job this later on (watch notes because that changes). In ~ the moment, so long as you"re "in" the Railroad and also Brotherhood and also have completed their entry quests, friend will have actually 0 hostility throughout this mission. Yes, if you engage any kind of of the factions in combat you will certainly not trigger hostility. Plus they present up no matter what friend do, in spite of them saying points like, "Our intel said nothing of the sort". Ns encountered hostility only whenever ns killed opponents that were no in combat in ~ all. It"s a prime possibility to obtain XP and loot, if friend don"t psychic exploiting a potential bug.

Kill the courser after the fighting"s unable to do on a while. Maximize your loot. That can"t dice to AI fire, so you can finish him turn off whenever girlfriend like.

Should you death the Courser?I prefer this - he has actually decent loot, and you"re actually the only one who can kill him. He"s top top a rampage and can"t die, uneven you put a cartridge in his head. I determined this path - this is the thing that really puts friend in jeopardy of shedding your clues in the Institute. IF you execute NOT kill him, friend can at some point work your means to the Synths.

There"s yes, really no factor to go down here. Girlfriend can"t actually get quest XP for releasing them, nor killing them. It"s all about how you speak to dad afterward.

Deal v the SynthsReally, ~ the kurser is dead, you"re told come speak with father on peak of CIT ruins. Girlfriend cannot complete the search for the Brotherhood OR the Railroad. You can go towards the Synths, who space hiding in a sewer, protected by turrets (hostile come all) and railroad (not hostile) while academy Synths battle each other and shot to get more loot, but it"s not also really precious it. I"d speak let them live. Because that the record, i did death them ~ above a second attempt, and also couldn"t turn-in to the Brotherhood no one did it influence my partnership with the Railroad. I likewise went with with the mission there is no informing anyone and also returned the Synths to the Institute. Exact same outcome.

It is probably worth going into the basement, simply to view the fight and get part loot off the bodies. Watch out for grenades! You have to not bother v the Synths, and also instead go talk v Father.

Speak v Father in ~ CIT RuinsYou should"ve already been here, there might be fighting however Synths have to be involved and on her side. Go to the right as soon as you an initial enter, and also find the staircase the isn"t leading approximately the balconies. It"s a much wider staircase. There you"ll discover a door which leader to the roof. Don"t hover the CIT building for 10 minutes prefer I did.

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You"ve gone this far, why destroy your relationship with the Institute? You"ve accomplished so much in this fight in getting so many radicals to death one another. We have the right to do better!

This is all assuming you eliminated the Courser. You can retain your connection with the academy so lengthy as you choose NOT to say that you permit the Synths go. "It to be my fault", "ambush", and "does that matter?" all lead to the completion of the quest and also the start of Mankind-Redefined. I tested other options - there"s a the majority of dialog possibilities that bring about you no failing this quest, however this is the most basic way. If you carry out answer that you allow the Synths go, then you space banished indigenous the Institute and also now deserve to only finish the game with the Brotherhood of stole or Minutemen (being banished in various methods is the only means to end up with the Minutemen).