- once you’ve began on the Minutemen pursuit path you’ll start gaining random searches from call every now and then. This one need to come fairly early.

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- The Starlight Drive-In is located virtually directly north of the Corvega Assembly Plant, presume you’ve been there. Friend can find it reasonably easily if you understand where Thicket Excavations is located, as they’re both ~ above the very same southbound road.
- Starlight Drive-In is a relatively small location, and it’s populated by a small number of Mole Rats. No big deal, whether you’re alone or in firm - just move around and eliminate any Mole Rats that dare to approach. The bigger trouble here isn’t so much the Mole Rats quiet - it’s the giant sinkhole of radioactive ooze that will certainly Rad you increase whenever you get too close. Continue to be on the fringes of the parking lot, together this hole have the right to shoot you approximately thirteen Rads. OW.
- Once all of the Mole Rats are dead (and the video game will an ext or less tell you once they are) you’ll have actually to collection up a bit. Girlfriend can uncover the Workshop in a lit shack on the next of the parking lot, behind a Novice locked door. Making use of this you must pull in Settlers, and also to do that you’ll need a Radio Beacon. (Watch the end for Frag Mines in and around the cafe as soon as you’re in search of raw materials. There space two, and they hurt.)
- first thing’s first: power. Because that a Generator - tiny you need two Gears, 4 Steel, two Rubber, two Copper, and one Ceramic. The Gears friend can acquire from a silver Pocket Watch ~ above the height floor that the cafe; the stole is obtainable in abundance from the dare on the lot; the Rubber you can obtain from the radio in the cafe, or native the street lamps; the Copper is accessible from the street lamps together well; and also the Ceramic friend can gain from the sink in the cafe.
- now for the Recruitment Radio Beacon. This sucker requires two Circuitry, two Crystal, 6 Copper, ten Steel, three Ceramic, and also one Rubber. The Circuitry and also the crystal you’ll have actually to lug in from in other places - Circuitry you can usually discover in army installations, while Crystal comes from traps, cameras, microscopes, and also the choose - however everything rather is still available around the lot. Hook it approximately the Beacon, then discover Preston and speak come him to finish the mission.

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- due to the fact that you’ve currently hunted around plenty, you might also poke about for items. The café doesn’t have actually a whole lot of interest, yet the huge movie display is one more matter. If you go into it from the left side (from the cafe) friend can uncover stairs up to the height of the screen. Watch out for another mine on the method up. In ~ the peak you have the right to find, among some other valuable stuff, a back Storage Key. This will open a door back on the ground, top top the side of the screen. There’s… honestly not a lot in here. However, if girlfriend look in ~ the ago of the screen, you’ll discover a Novice locked door to a storage room. I below you’ll find, amongst lots of various other stuff, a Fusion Core sitting on among the shelves. There’s also an professional floor safe in the corner with some an ext gear, ammo, and Bottlecaps. Yay!
- (Also? A Radroach will pop out of the floor in this last room. Uh, just… kill it. You’ll it is in fine.)
- One last thing! currently that the Beacon is increase and active you’ll probably acquire a Settler nice quickly. If friend don’t want them to dislike your guts, you may want to gain started top top a rudimentary settlement. The café is fine for shelter, there’s Mutfruit ~ above the height of the display screen that you deserve to use for some beginning food, and the stuff you uncovered ‘round the lot will probably give you enough for defences. Anything past that you’ll probably need to gather elsewhere, though.