Family Feud has been gracing our tv sets for over 30 years. It’s easily one that the greatest game shows of every time as each week, two different families compete against each other to win cash prizes by guessing the most popular responses to basic survey questions.

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The display is hosted by Steve Harvey, who has gone viral because that several factors in the 7 years since he took over the show—but this one is different.

The clip features a face-off between Michael, a background teacher, and Terry, a U.S. Marine.

Steve Harvey gift the inspection question, “We asked 100 married men, i m sorry of the 7 dwarfs describes your mam in bed?”

Both guys who were formerly ready to beat each various other to the buzzer and also earn clues for your families, currently stood still. Neither in any type of rush come hit the buzzer.

Their sealed lips and the look at on their encounters says it all.

Both husbands shook their heads in ~ the idea the speaking around their wives in the bedroom.

Harvey waits expectantly for one of the guys to provide an answer. After ~ all, this IS for cash.

Finally, ~ what seems prefer forever in game display time, terry hesitantly reaches because that the buzzer.

“This is simply to gain on the board,” that says. “Is that Bashful?”

As soon as the indigenous left his mouth, Terry quickly turned back to look at his family, certainly bashful himself about the inquiry that to be posed.

Harvey then turned come Michael that was not about to risk anything but the possibility for his family to kick turn off the following round. The contestant passed on his turn altogether to prevent talking around his REAL prize back home.

“There’s a male over there that this expected nothing come him,” Steve chuckled as he pointed at the man who threw the round for all the best reasons.

Terry ultimately took the round, yet both males proved that chivalry is much from dead.

Check the end the viral clip for yourself below, which has now been viewed over 14 million times:

The Internet has erupted in worship over the respect the both of these husbands showed.

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And because that the record, the optimal answer come Steve Harvey’s survey question was “Happy.”


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