There"s one feature present in much Cry 5 that is abandoned in the post-apocalyptic sequel brand-new Dawn, and it need to make a glorious return in far Cry 6.

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Far Cry 6 Anton
The Far Cry franchise has had actually a ton of staples over the year, however it"s always refreshing once something old is made brand-new all end again. For example, if Far Cry 3 abandoned the companion system of FC2, it returned later with much more gusto than it ever had before. Hopefully, much Cry 6 have the right to do that with one FC5 feature.

interesting way enough, Far Cry 5 introduced with a weapon customization system that, while no necessarily glamorous, allowed players to set up their weapons the way they want. New Dawn, however, exit this feature, not permitting weapon customization of any type of sort transparent the game. Players received pre-made weapons, and the scopes and also whatnot can not be readjusted out come fit the gamer"s playstyle.

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far Cry 6 Weapon Customization

Far Cry 5
This to be a huge deal for the relax of Far Cry new Dawn, together not just were the major villains lessened to nothing more than "evil because that evil"s sake," that is gameplay was missing this an essential feature. A pistol v a red dot sight or an attack rifle with a lackluster ammo form couldn"t be changed to far better fit the playstyle, and it made the experience all the lesser because that it. Its exemption from New Dawn to be not only notable, it to be confusing.

However, that"s not to say Far Cry 5"s weapon customization was much deeper. It allowed players come customize their experience and effectively enter a fight with their desired weapons, but it could be much deeper. Far Cry 6 is currently making a ton of transforms to the traditional formula, consisting of a large city because that the an initial time together an example, and it would only make sense to deepen the customization alternatives available.

That"s no to speak Far Cry 6 can or would certainly go as much as, say, Modern Warfare"s Gunsmith options, yet a deep level of customization in tools is always good for a game. Maybe players desire to rotate a revolver into something that can successfully snipe, providing it a better barrel and also a scope. Possibly players want a rifle v an underbarrel shotgun or grenade launcher, or perhaps players desire a sniper rifle that hits with a special type of ammo. Given that Far Cry 6 is collection during a revolution, there"s a real possibility for some really strange homemade customization that captures the guerrilla feeling of that all.

Regardless, it remains to be watched what Far Cry 6 bring to the table, but as the first game the the franchise to leap top top next-gen consoles, pan are likely expecting next-gen quality. Deep weapon customization is simply one small step to efficiently delivering the experience.

Far Cry 6 publication on February 18, 2021, ~ above PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox collection X.

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