8,500+/- acres irrigated & dryland, CRP & grass - 14 tracts - PLUS tract of severed mineral legal rights -- WATCH for SALE BILL!

Baca County

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Farm & Ranch Realty, Inc. Is a team of farm actual estate experts based in Colby, Kansas, offer our clients due to the fact that 1977 v Experience, Expertise, and Excellence!



“Thank you so much! What an awesome group you every are! we so evaluate the professionalism, honesty, integrity, no rushing, explaining everything so fine to the family and also to the crowd. We will definitely recommend your firm and Don Hazlett come others.”

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“Thank girlfriend so much! What one awesome team you all are! us so appreciated the professionalism, honesty, integrity, not rushing, explaining whatever so fine to the family and to the crowd. Us will certainly recommend your company and Don Hazlett come others.”

"We are very pleased through the floor auction farm & Ranch Realty performed for us. The method our farm was marketed brought many buyers come the revenue - ~ above site and online - bringing us height dollars. They were very professional and took care of every the details in a stylish manner, maintaining us updated follow me the way. Don and also his employee are great people to occupational with! We very recommend farm yard & Ranch Realty."


David & Beverly Inloes

Paola, KS

“Thank girlfriend so much! What one awesome group you all are! we so evaluate the professionalism, honesty, integrity, not rushing, explaining every little thing so fine to the family and also to the crowd. We will absolutely recommend your agency and Don Hazlett come others.”

“The farm yard & Ranch Realty folks make a good team! They walk an awesome project for us in the sale of our farm land on might 6, 2014 in Hoxie, Kansas. We were thankful to obtain the price that us received and were perfect pleased v them. We absolutely wouldn’t have done the well there is no their professional guidance and also hard work and also will never ever hesitate to heartily recommend their services!”

“Don Hazlett and also Cindy Hake handled the sale of ours farmland from afar in the most professional and efficient method possible. Over there were 3 owners to coordinate and several pieces of land. The advertising was great and Don and Cindy kept in touch regularly. We couldn’t attend the auction, but we were able to hear the activity and watch the auction board v the internet. Every detail was taken care of and also communicated in a really timely manner. The smallest inquiries were answered easily as were various other details. We have actually zero regrets in having selected Farm and also Ranch Realty to stand for us. "

“We can’t say thanks to you sufficient for the professional way you tackled the sale of our household farm! it was emotionally for us and you expertly led us through the whole process without a snag!”

“I wanted to gain a note to you to particularly thank you for taking treatment of me and also my family as we went with the land revenue process. From ours initial meeting in a snow storm, to the final procedure of closing, we became well conscious that we had actually selected the finest in the service to handle our mom and dad’s land revenue in Norton County. We were pleased through the ads and signs and also communication prior, and also when Ron and also I attended the auction us were for this reason impressed through the professionalism of the set-up and also people involved. Thanks for maintaining my family from a street online through the sale. Lock felt prefer they were right there! As expected it was an emotionally experience, however what an exceptional outcome. We recognize our parental would have been for this reason pleased.”

“Just a quick note to give thanks to you because that your great representation that the current sale of mine Finney county Farmland. Your timely advice and oversight, forecast of the finest time to move from private treaty revenue to auction confirmed invaluable. Offered land worths are rather depressed as contrasted to recent times; ns feel you and your staff achieved the finest price feasible given present commodity values. If I can serve together a recommendation for your good work later on with various other potential land owner please perform not hesitate come call.”

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“It was such a pleasure and also honor to have actually your company represent mine Dad’s legacy sale. The work, professionalism and also courtesy of each member of your team was truly outstanding. Without question, I will again usage your services and recommend to others as the need arises. You have actually all earned my trust and also respect. Take it care and also may God bless every of you.”

“Our heartfelt thanks for her top-notch taking care of of our recent transactions. We appreciated working with you and were thoroughly impressed v the rapid pace, integrity, and professionalism through which you conducted our auction. Your comprehensive knowledge that the market, linked with your useful suggestions, enabled us to realize excellent prices. Your motto is appropriate on the mark! We entirety heartedly recommend farm & Ranch Realty!”