That is the 1936 book by brothers fascist Oswald Mosley, and also it is may be the clearest first-person development to the topic because that an Anglo reader, serving up much less gobbledygook than most of the continental sources. Mosley actually makes disagreements for his allude of view, and also thinks through what possible objections could be, which is not the situation with to speak Marinetti. Beyond the basics, here are a couple of points i gleaned from my read:

1. Vote still will occur, at the very least once every 5 years, due to the fact that “The support of the people is far more necessary to a government of activity than to a autonomous Government, i m sorry tricks the human being into a vote as soon as every 5 years top top an irrelevant issue, and then hopes the nation will go to sleep for one more five year so the the government can walk to sleep as well.”

2. Voting will be arranged by occupation, not geographical locality.

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3. If an created British fascist government loses a vote, the King will certainly send for brand-new ministers, yet not necessarily from the the opposite party.

4. The residence of Lords is to end up being much much more technical, technocratic, and also detailed in the knowledge, drawing more upon science and industry. The summary reminds me the the CCP State Council.

5. A national Council of Corporations will conduct lot of financial policy, and as much as I have the right to tell it would certainly stand on a sort of par through Parliament.

6. “M.P.’s will certainly be convert from windbags into men the action.”

7. A one-of-a-kind Corporation would certainly be created to represent the interests of women politically. Women will certainly not be compelled to come to be mothers, however high salaries for males will stand for a very effective subsidy come childbirth.

8. The federal government will spend much more money top top research and development, with rates of return of “one hundred-fold.”

9. Incomes will be boosted considerably by cutting the end middlemen and also distribution costs. The resulting greater real incomes will maintain accumulation demand. Cheap, wage-undercutting foreign imports will not be allowed.

10. International investment abroad will be eliminated, as will the yellow standard and also foreign immigration into Britain.

11. “…foreigners who have actually not confirmed themselves worthy citizen of Britain will deported.” and “Jews will certainly not it is in afforded the full rights of brothers citizenship,” together they have deliberately maintained themselves as a distinctive foreign community.

12. Any kind of banker that breaks the legislation will go to jail, just as a poor person would.

13. Inheritance will not it is in allowed, but private building in land will certainly persist and will be accompanied by v radically egalitarian soil reform.

14. To gain back the prosperity of coal miners, competition native cheap polish labor and Polish imports will be eliminated.

15. The tiny shopkeeper shall be favored over chain stores, particularly if the last are in foreign or Jewish hands.

16. All citizens, rich and poor, are to have the right to an education up through age 18. Overall there is substantial emphasis on not letting human resources go come waste, and also a presumption the there is a most implicit slack in the system under the condition quo ex ante.

17. Hospitals will certainly be coordinated, yet not nationalized. That would be going as well far.

18. Roosevelt’s brand-new Deal is distinctive from fascism due to the fact that a) the American government does not have enough “power come plan,” and also b) it relies on “Jewish capital.”

19. The nests will sell raw materials to Britain, and produce agriculture for themselves, however will not permitted to complete in manufactures. And this: “If we failed to hold India, we must be 1/100th the guys they were.”

20. By removing the battle for international markets, fascism will bring perpetual peace.

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Mosley was later interned from 1940 to 1943.