With 4 seasons as well as an upcoming movie, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya is a collection that has been lengthy overdue in making its way to sommos.net. Currently that it finally has, was the wait worth it, or go this an initial installment disappoint? Let’s perform this~

Being a fan of wonder girl anime, imagine the surprised Illyasviel von Einzbern, an ordinary 5th grader, feels once a miracle wand well-known as a Kaleidostick flies with her home window and beginning recruiting her to end up being a wonder girl. However, after straight contacting the Kaleidostick, and also confirmation through blood and also using the love strength of a young girl as the activation key, Illya doesn’t have actually a choice and officially i do not care the grasp of this Kaleidostick and also a full-fledged Kaleid Liner. Together a Kaleid Liner, Illya is tasked v collecting course Cards, pieces of Heroic Spirits the are an effective enough to damage entire cities.

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Year: 2013
Length: 10 Episodes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Magic

Not having actually watched a 2nd of any previous Fate season, i was worried the I would certainly be out of the loop and also would miss necessary information city hall this, which is the significant reason it’s bring away this long to get to this series. Yet now having watched the an initial season, i don’t think it’s a requirement to clock the previously seasons in order to enjoy and understand this. I’m certain those who have can pick increase on some details here and there, yet for the many part, this is a perfectly sufficient launching point, and I didn’t feel ns was missing out on anything crucial to the story.

With that out of the way, this an extremely much feels prefer your typical magical girl anime, albeit one that takes ar in an alternative universe that Fate/stay night. Various other than the an easy story elements—like who these characters are and why they’re law what they’re doing—there isn’t a ton of worldbuilding, for this reason the story feels very narrow in scope. An ext backstory top top the Mage’s association or Rin and also Luvia would have been nice, however as it stands, the story feels quite simple. I should likewise mention the we’re talking about 10 episodes here, so in hindsight, that should’ve been an indicator that the plot would be rather bare-bones.

When the girls aren’t battling for course Cards, you have actually your an ext mundane part of life moments, which to be a nice adjust of speed from the handful of war scattered throughout. This scenes were in reality pretty enjoyable, and also there’s many of feeling to save things light and also fun. I hope subsequent seasons have actually a slightly larger emphasis on scenes like these, but we’ll have to see about that.


One other worry I had with the story was how predictable it was. You have the power of friendship, quarreling, and all that other stuff you probably concerned expect indigenous a show like this. Granted, ns don’t really understand anything around the story of the Fate franchise, however as a wonder girl spin-off, this is a simple story that could seem rather familiar, however it’s nonetheless still reasonably enjoyable.

So the story is a bit of a letdown, yet what around the characters? as the titular character, Illya is the protagonist of the story, and she was absolutely my favorite character in the show. As an everygirl, she’s a bit of a scatterbrain, and also unlike Miyu, she’s outgoing and also gregarious. After seeing some forgettable main characters in various other magical girl-themed anime, i don’t think Illya belong in that category.

After seeing numerous kissing scenes that have come from this series, mine yuri expectations to be pretty high. More than likely too high. For the record, there’s just one kiss, and it’s no that satisfying, however there are other yuri moments were far much more enjoyable because that me. Special, I’m talking around when Illya catches sight the Miyu in her maid’s outfit—and her happy switch is climate permanently collection to on. For me, this was the funniest and also best component of the entire season, therefore I’m disappointed there wasn’t lot more. Still, I watch this season together sowing the seed that will result in future yuri moments~


Speaking that Miyu, she excels at almost everything she tries, and also her serious and also aloof demeanor couldn’t be much more different 보다 Illya’s. For that reason, i never uncovered her together likable together Illya, though, she was still a pretty sidekick character. Miyu was in reality taken in by Luvia, so both her and Illya are guided by their magical girl predecessors, Rin and also Luvia.

As for the other characters, I had actually seen a most (NSFW) art concentrating on Rin end the years, and she turned the end to be simply as cool a character together I imagined. And like Illya and also Miyu, she also has someone the she couldn’t be more different than in Luvia. Arrogant and also extremely competitive, Luvia is a fierce rival of Rin, and also the two of them room constantly at every other’s throats. Ruby and Sapphire room the Kaleidosticks that belong come Illya and also Miyu, respectively. As with their masters, Ruby is spontaneous and playful (and is also a major source the comic relief), if Sapphire is much more mature and also serious. Oh, and Illya additionally has an adopted brother, Shirou, the she may have actually a point for, but who cares around that, right? and also they don’t get that much display time, yet Illya’s friend from college seem to it is in a funny group.

All in all, Illya, Miyu, Rin, and Luvia form the structure for a yes, really nice cast of personalities that make an excellent very first impression.

Like that brethren, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya absolutely isn’t a slouch in the visuals department. Even though it’s native a various studio (Silver Link.), and also even despite it can’t fairly compare to the eye candy of the much more serious installments in the franchise, the battles right here still loss in line with expectations.

Something that surprised me a bit was exactly how ecchi this anime was. Ns don’t desire to do it seem favor this is top top par with Valkyrie Drive or anything—because it certainly isn’t—but Illya and also Miyu are still in primary school school, so ns could’ve used much less of that. Other than the gripe, this is a very nice-looking miracle girl anime, so there isn’t lot else to complain about.

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I wouldn’t say the there are any kind of tracks the are particularly memorable, but during the action set pieces, you have consistently great music that constantly serves to add to the extreme atmosphere. The OP and ED it seems to be ~ fine, yet after hearing lock a couple of times, I’d usually skip castle both, so ns guess ns don’t love them the much. Overall, i don’t watch the audio quite as fondly as the visuals, however what we have here appears to be more than adequate.

At the finish of the day, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya is a straightforward magical girl anime the doesn’t bring anything new to the table, yet it’s tho a decent enhancement to the ever-popular genre. If you choose kickass lolis (and who doesn’t?!) and also are a pan of the Fate franchise, there’s a strong chance you’ll choose this, and it stands together a solid first-entry in the series~