The objective of my code is to present the numbers 0 to 15 in hexadecimal ~ above the Digital laboratory Sim.

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I"m gaining this error

Runtime exemption at 0x00400024: store address not set on word boundary 0xffff0011This is the password I"m using:

.datadigitos: .word 0x3F,0x6,0x5B,0x4F,0x66,0x6D,0x7D,0x7,0x7F,0x67,0x77,0x7F,0x39,0x3F,0x79,0x71contador: .word 16 .textmain: la $t0,0xFFFF0011 la $a0,contador lw $t1,0($a0) li $t9,0 la $t2, digitos loop: lw $t3,0($t2) sw $t3, 0($t0) addi $t9,$t9,1 addi $t2,$t2,4 blt $t9,$t1,loopThe instruction la $t0,0xFFFF0011 is the one responsible by the error. 0xFFFF0011 controls the left led and also 0xFFFF0010 controls the ideal led.

Here is the funny part. If I use 0xFFFF0010 the code functions as expected but if I use the 0xFFFF0011 it does no work.

What am ns doing wrong?

mips mars-simulator
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Are you sure that the error is continue on the line? i think the error is actually happening here:

sw $t3, 0($t0)The trouble is the you"re make the efforts to save a word (because you"re using sw) come an address that"s not word-aligned. 0xFFFF0011 is no word-aligned. The reason why 0xFFFF0010 works is since it is word-aligned.

A native is 4 bytes long, for this reason the valid word-aligned addresses space 0xFFFF0010, 0xFFFF0014, 0xFFFF0018, etc. Something in in between isn"t word-aligned.

You should have the ability to fix this by changing it native sw come sb:

sb $t3, 0($t0)This works due to the fact that storing a byte go not require a word-aligned address.

Edit: come clarify, a word-aligned attend to is one that"s divisible by 4.

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