The second boss (Demon Chimera) of the Vortex is a many tougher than the White Dragon, you can beat the White Dragon with a low level team if you had actually units that can poison and either sleep or paralyze. The Demon Chimera is a lot stronger, access time harder and also is completely immune to every status impacts except sleep.

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FarplaneVortex of Trials – rejuvenation of the Demon Chimera45200000120


Element Resistance
Status Resistance

Might be much better to to speak what the Demon Chimera isn’t immune to after looking in ~ that. Normal assaults work, sleep works, but at a reduced rate and has a higher chance come fail, water, aero, stone, dark and holy are the just magic assault sources that will certainly work outside of element cost-free magic strikes like Hyper Drive and Meteor.


1Normal AttackSingle Target physics Damage
2FrostSingle Target ice cream Magical Damage
3BlazeAOE Fire magical Damage
4SnowstormAOE ice cream Magical Damage
5ThunderAOE Thunder miracle Damage
6Poison BreathAOE Poison damage (use in ~ 50%)

Attack Sequence

Turn 1: Chimera will assault players through a mix of ability 1 and 2, 2-3 times every turn.

Turn 2: On turn 2, Chimera will cast Blaze or Thunder. As we perform not recognize which skill it will certainly cast, football player will need to gain your Barfira and Barthundara increase by rotate 2

Turn 3: typical Attack

Turn 4: On turn 4, Chimera will actors Blaze or Thunder depending on what it cast on turn 2. Example if Chimera cast Blaze on rotate 2, the will cast Thunder on revolve 4, if that cast Thunder on turn 2, the will cast Blaze on turn 4. Players might need come reapply 1 of the Bar-spell on this turn.

Turn 5:On rotate 5, Chimera will cast Snowstorm, so be all set to use your Barblizzara.

After revolve 5: After revolve 5, the just alternative between skill 1 and also 2, therefore make sure you just top off the low HP units and finish the match.

At 50% and also 30% Hp: in ~ 50% and 30% HP, Chimera will actors Poison Breath top top all her units. Friend can select to eliminate the poison or heal previous the damage.

General Overview:

Defeating the Demon Chimera is quite feasible though, but unlike the very first trail boss, you may want to have a 5 star team for every 5 slots, a notable exception being Krile, who have the right to Dualcast the Bar spells, which renders her a good asset to any kind of team.

For newer players, Lasswell and also Fina are okay, however Rain is a little bit weak and should it is in rotated the end by a better melee character.


If you have Krile, awesome, if not it’s okay, yet make certain you execute collect the 3 bar spells (fire, ice, lightning). Ideally the your assistance unit can cast Level 3 environment-friendly Spells, and be a backup healer. Krile walk the finest job the this, yet bringing a second healer that can actors the bar spells would certainly be your following choice.

The start of the match follows a formula, for this reason stick to the if you desire to live. On rotate 1 if girlfriend don’t have a Krile, climate I’d recommend to start casting the Barfira and Barthundara buffs, by your 2nd turn both have to be up. If you have a unit through Fullbreak, awesome, if not having actually Magic Break and also Armor Break would certainly be agree alternatives. Security is a valuable skill on boss battles where you recognize their going to launch a big attack and also guard have to be used in conjunction through the bar spells on turns 2 and 5.

After rotate 5 this fight gets easy, so if you have the right to survive the beginning, you’ll come the end victorious and one force Armor far better for it.

Force Armor



Type: Armor (Heavy Armor)Stats: DEF+51, SPR+13Resistance: Fire (+10%), ice cream (+10%), Lightning (+10%)

Assemble your Team:

Recommended Build: 1 Tank, 2 Melee, 1 Support, 1 Healer

Recommended Tank Units:





Best: Warrior of irradiate (has Fullbreak)

Recommended Melee Units:





Duane (has Fullbreak)


Best: Fencer

Best: Bartz

Best: Chizuru

Best: Lightning

Best: Cloud the Darkness (high resist)

Recommended support Units:

Vaan (has Fullbreak)

Best: Cerius

Best: Krile (has Doublecast)

Recommended healing Units:






Best: Fina (has Cheer)

Best: Lenna (has Cheer)


Star Pendant – DEF+3 – Resistance: poison (Null)

Obtained from: Chest: port City Lydira and Fat Chocobo: city of Kolts

Fairy Ring – DEF+3 – Resistance: poison (Null), blind (Null)

Obtained from: Reward: (Colosseum) beginner A-2

Sleep Dagger – ATK+22 – Effect: Sleep (30%)

Obtained from: Recipe: (Quest) Pillow of her Dreams and Reward: (Colosseum) beginner C-5

Sleep Sword – ATK+35 – Effect: Sleep (30%)

Obtained from: Chest: Mobreeze Airship Factory/Exploration


Barfira – boost fire resistance (50%) for 3 transforms to every allies

Obtained from: Recipe: (Colosseum) beginner C-4

Barthundara – rise lightning resistance (50%) for 3 turns to every allies

Obtained from: Recipe: (Colosseum) beginner B-2

Barblizzara – boost ice resistance (50%) for 3 transforms to all allies

Obtained from: Recipe: (Silver Chest) Wolfsfang Peak/Exploration

Sleep – Sleep (40%) come one enemy

Obtained from: Recipe: city of Mitra

Poisona – Cure poison to one ally

Obtained from: Recipe: harbor City Lodin

Sleep Blade – Hybrid damage (1.2x) and also sleep (30%) come one enemy

Obtained from: Recipe: (Silver Chest) industrial City Dilmagia

Optional Spells:

Shell – rise SPR (20%) because that 3 turns to one ally

Obtained from: Recipe: (Silver Chest) town of Kol

Recommended Items:

PotionRestores a small amount of HP come one ally.
Hi-PotionRestores a moderate quantity of HP to one ally.
X-PotionRestores a big amount the HP come one ally.
EtherRestores a small amount of MP to one ally.
Turbo EtherRestores a moderate amount of MP come one ally.
ElixirFully restores one ally’s HP and MP.
Phoenix DownRevives one ally from being KO’d.
AntidoteCures one ally of poisoning.
RemedyCures one ally of all standing effects.

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HyperCauses border gauge to fill more quickly.