Messing v MyCastle IX¶

More upgrades this time, consisting of ones because that the Smithy (you deserve to level weapons as much as +4), the jail (holds an ext prisoners), Accessory Shop (better choice of accessories) and the hot Spring.

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While the upgrades are valuable this time around, there’s not much to say about them. ~ above the various other hand, girlfriend may have a great bit of grind to do. The opponents are only obtaining stronger, and advocated units are making up an ext and much more of the opponent ranks. This might be an indication wherein you have to be. Most likely you have characters who space at or close to 20th level, in which case, it’s time to encourage them into higher classes. There’s no dead in grinding a couple of levels to acquire some vital characters the promotions they’re going to sorely need for future missions.


Seals at this suggest in time space limited, but if you’re impatient you have the right to visit other player’s MyCastles online and make usage of your Rod Shop come buy much more seals 보다 you can otherwise obtain right now.

More importantly, make certain your protagonist has actually a support rank the A or higher with Kaze. No spoiler here, simply do it, or you’ll remorse it after the following mission.

Mount Garou¶

The party will continue their flight from Nohr, who, instead of going for the obvious and safe move of recording the whole Hoshidan royal family (and hence decisively ending the war in their favor) decides rather to arbitrarily gamble by forcing you to flee across an ominous mountain. Because they wouldn’t be typical video game bad-guys if they didn’t enable for an heroic and unlikely escape, would they? Anyways, the cross is complex by the locals, Garon plays an additional dirty trick, reprimand is wrongfully allocated, and also a fight ensues.


The totally free time in between your last battle and this one to be a well time come level up characters and, if possible, encourage a few of them. Also if girlfriend didn’t, this struggle is pretty easy, as you’ll greatly only fight two foes; Wolfskin, who space short-range melee combatants with low Attack, kind Hit Points, and also low Defense and also Resistance, and Wolfsegner, their promotion. Their only worrisome traits space their fair an important and protect against rates, however if you assault at selection and team increase on them, you’ll reduce the damage they deserve to do. Their Beaststones execute let them attack your steed units for higher damage though, so clock out!

There room a couple of more symptom in this fight, however they’re minor. First, the terrain is reasonably rugged, so paris units room advised, together they have the right to out-maneuver your foes, that are reasonably unimpeded by the terrain. One more thing come watch the end for room the scattered Forts and also Dragon Veins. The previous will give you defensive boosts and also regeneration when standing in them, and also the last will mitigate the stats of all hostiles ~ above the map. Lastly, there’s the leader of this Wolfskins, Keaton , who has higher attributes, many notably Attack, fight Points and Avoid price (but reduced Speed, making him Kaden’s counterpart), yet compared to few of the nasty devices you battled in vault missions, he’s nothing come fear. Again, ranged attacks will serve you well on him.

Start the battle out by acquisition out the surrounding Wolfssegners. Be sure to use ranged attacks, together the Wolfssegners will counter strikes from adjacent foes with its Counter skill. For handling this pest you’ll get a master Seal, should you need any more, and another enemy will also yield an additional Master Seal for your fostering needs. Two adjacent Wolfssegner will certainly drop 3000G , as will a third up north close to Keaton. In the north-eastern corner of the map is an additional Wolfssegner who will fall a “Secret Book” (Permanently increases Skill by 2) who likewise has the “Poison Strike” skill, which deals damage equal come 20% of a unit’s hit Points once said Wolfssegner initiates combat. It’s exclusive to Ninjas but the AI don’t care.

Near Keaton are an ext Wolfssegners, among whom has actually the “Countermagic” skill, which will reflect magic damages on assaults (ouch!), the various other of which will certainly drop a Speedwing (Permanently increases Speed by 2) and also has the wretched Life and also Death skill, i beg your pardon increases damages dealt and also received by 10, for this reason be certain to strike this guy prior to he strikes you, which may be difficult, seeing as this unit is in the north-western edge of the map. Keaton himself will certainly drop you a heart Wing (Permanently rises Magic by 2) and also has the Beastbane skill, which transaction extra damage versus beasts (e.g. Silas), amongst other, much less dangerous skills.

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After the battle, Kaze will certainly prove self to it is in a an excellent retainer, perhaps to his detriment, depending upon your support rank v him. Afterwards, the protagonist and Ryoma will share a moment of hope. Once you ultimately make it ago into MyCastle, you’ll ultimately be joined by everything servant friend left behind in Nohr, either Felicia (if your protagonist is female) or Jakob (if her protagonist is male). Sadly, they’re most likely such a low level contrasted to the remainder of your party that it’ll call for some grind to acquire them up to snuff. Ah well… you can use it as an possibility to encourage a couple of more of her others characters. And also note that Jakob is attached to a boy character.