This is the fight walkthrough because that the mission The Underground room from Fire Emblem: Three residences (FETH, FE3H). Check out on to discover out around map features, what opponents you will encounter, and also tips for winning!

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Chapter 5: Tower of black Winds Chapter 6: Rumors that a Reaper Chapter 7: fight of The Eagle and also Lion

Chapter 6 - Map and Overview


Victory conditions Defeat conditions # of Player units # of enemies
Defeat the death Knight or rout all other enemies.

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Byleth falls in fight or 25 turns have actually passed.
Normal: 26 + 3Hard: 28 + 3

Chapter 6 - Enemies


step 1 Pos enemy Pos foe A B C D E F G H
Flame Emperor Soldier (Myrmidon)Flame Emperor Soldier (Archer)
Flame Emperor Soldier (Soldier)Flame Emperor Soldier (Cavalier)
Flame Emperor Soldier (Armored Knights)Flame Emperor Soldier (Mage)
Flame Emperor Soldier (Dark Mage)Death Knight


phase 2 Pos enemy Pos adversary A B
Flame Emperor Soldier (Cavalier)Flame Emperor Soldier (Archer)

Death article - (Normal)

Level HP movement class strike Hit Rate an essential Hit attack Speed security Resilience Avoidance range Weapon Dropped article
Death Knight
35 124 43
Scythe the SarielDark Seal

Death items - (Hard)

Level HP movement class strike Hit Rate an essential Hit strike Speed security Resilience Avoidance variety Weapon Dropped article
Death Knight
37 124 43
Scythe the SarielDark Seal

Chapter 6 - Chests

There space treasure chests the are inserted in seemingly inaccessible parts of the area. This chests contain rare items which will be noted below.

Treasure Chest A: contains a Levin Sword, a sword that has lightning properties.Treasure Chest B: has a march Ring, a an useful accessory that boosts the user"s relocate by 1.

Chapter 6 - Map Features

Warp Points

There are warp point out in the map that can be provided to relocate your units to otherwise, inaccessible areas. Listed below are the clues the warp entrances will command you to.



There are likewise levers in the map the triggers occasions which will certainly be provided below.

Lever A: Activates all Warp Tiles.Lever B: Deactivates the stat boosting tiles in the area.

Chapter 6 - Tips and also Tricks

Two Routes

There space two routes obtainable at the start of the battle. A seemingly narrow route and also a wider route. The route to take it will differ upon the chosen victory condition the player chooses to do.

Rout every Enemies

Send the majority of your forces to the left side then send about 2 devices to the best (preferably a Thief and a healer). Have actually the two groups press forward on their chosen routes till they meet again at the center.

Defeating the fatality Knight

Requirement: At the very least 2 units v an offensive battalion, one archer with a light weapon, and a high level spear user v the Knightkneeler Combat Art.


Note the the fatality Knight won"t attack the party as lengthy as no unit stands adjacent to it or damages it.

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The more financially rewarding of the 2 routes (specially if a high magic unit belongs to her house). Send all devices to the ideal side. After reaching the area with several warp points, have a thief take it the top warp and also upper ideal warp points. Then have everyone teleport to the center. Loss all the adversaries in the center and the units near the fatality Knight.
Once every units have actually surrounded the fatality Knight, have the units that have the right to survive the fatality Knight assault him (leave at least one an are for the spear user"s finishing attack). Once the death Knight"s HP is low enough, usage the Knightkneeler capability to finish the battle.