Drowning in Duscur Bear? examine out our Fire Emblem 3 Houses cooking Together overview for a perform of dishes and their perks.

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Why should you it is in messing roughly in the kitchen v your students, you ask? Well, it"s nice simple. Fire Emblem: Three residences is all about crunching the number in battle and also giving your adversary what for. If you desire to execute that, climate you"re definitely going to it is in on the sector for part stat bonuses. Cooking Together is a handy task that will net you different stat bonuses for your team depending on the dish that you make. This stat bonus will certainly persist because that the entire month, therefore if you understand you could be having actually a particularly tough skirmish comes up then you can adjust your diet accordingly.

Fire Emblem three Houses food preparation Together guide -- Recipes and also Ingredients


In order to cook any type of dishes during the food preparation Together activity, you"re going to need to have the requisite ingredients. You have the right to pick up this ingredients native doing quests roughly the Monastery, or alternatively by taking part in battles that net different varieties of food choose meat. You can likewise grow a many the vegetarian ingredient in the Greenhouse with the right seeds. Inspect out our perform of every the food preparation Together recipes, their required ingredients and also their buffs.

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Blessed Jelly requirements 1 Morfis Plum and gives +2 LuckCharming Soup demands 1 Nordsalat and gives +2 CharmDeified Fish demands 1 Goddess Messenger and 1 Magdred Kirsch, and also gives +1 Dexterity, Speed, and also DefenseHero Salad demands 1 Angelica and also gives +1 MagicImmortality Stew needs 1 Teutates Pike and gives +1 DefenseInvincible Grill requirements 1 Oghma Wolverine and also gives +1 StrengthKing the Beasts Steakneeds 1 Duscar Bear and gives +3 max HPNirvana Cakeneeds 1 Boa Fruit and gives +1 ResistanceQuin Fish Sauteneeds 1 Queen Loach and gives +2 DexteritySacred Beast Roast needs 1 Albinean Moose and 1 Magdred Kirsch and also gives +1 Strength and also max HPSwift Fish Gratinneeds 1 Bullhead and gives +1 SpeedTreasure Fruit Nectarneeds 1 Zanado treasure Fruit and also 1 Magdred Kirsch, and gives +1 Resistance and Magic

Now that you know which dishes grant which buffs, you"ll be able to make an educated decision about what come make when you initiate cooking Together. Ultimately, this activity is also a good way to increase your assistance levels through various characters so it might be worth likewise picking a dish the your chosen companion gelatin with. If you"re in require of some help with the Dining room in general, check out our guide to the flip side of the food preparation coin - share Meals.