This is a guide to the divine Pulse, a mechanic in Fire Emblem Three dwellings (FE3H) that allows you turn earlier time to redo turns and actions. Review on to uncover out what the divine Pulse is, how it works, and also how to rise its charges.

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What is magnificent Pulse?

Allows Byleth to Revert Time

The magnificent Pulse is an ability granted to Byleth by the goddess Sothis throughout the prologue that the game. It permits Byleth to revolve time backwards for a restricted number the time. Essentially, it is a means to redo previous transforms in battle, which can enable you to alter the result of battle without having to restart.

How to Use magnificent Pulse

Press the ZL Button

Pressing the ZL button shows a hazy version of the fight field. By navigating the turns using the up and down button, friend can select which turn or action you want to revert earlier to. Keep in mind that once you turn back time, the becomes impossible to go back to the future transforms you have currently done.

Cannot Be provided Infinitely

Divine Pulse has actually a limit, depending on the amount of divine Pulse charges girlfriend have. This normally starts at 3, and can be increased by performing number of actions and also completing some paralogues.

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Paralogues and also Dates

How to Level Up divine Pulse

Complete story of the Red Canyon

Tales the the Red Canyon is a paralogue that has no required units. The rewards you v 3 divine Pulses, do it very worthwhile come complete.

Improve the Saint Statues

The Statues in the monastery can be improved using the Renown Byleth has obtained during her playthrough. Among the bonuses every 4 statues have in common is increasing the divine Pulse by 1 charge. Obtaining every one of these bonuses nets girlfriend a whooping +4 divine pulse charges.

Renown is a kind of currency in the game used because that several objectives in enhancement to improving the Saint Statues. For an ext information around Renown, see the attach below.What is Renown?

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