The Söderberg sisters" icon Conor Oberst of Bright eyes takes a verse on this jubilant, life-affirming track. The two girls said The Sun around singing with their hero: "Singing v Conor Oberst has been a dream of ours because we started out. Us are incredibly honoured and happy he want to be a component of this record. He wrote his own verse because that the song, he has actually such a magic method with words and made it yes, really personal. Listening him sing the verse because that the very first time in the studio was very special and a vast compliment. Our very first reaction was: "It sounds favor Bright Eyes!" Ha ha."
New York folk/country rock band The Felice Brothers additionally feature ~ above this track. They added a selection of instruments including accordion, fiddle and mariachi trumpets.

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i Go to ExtremesBilly Joel

Lindsay Lohan has some text from Billy Joel"s "I walk To Extremes" tattooed on she ribcage: "Clear together a crystal, sharp together a knife ns feel favor I"m in the element of mine life."

MargaritavilleJimmy Buffett

"Margaritaville" is a state of mind, yet it"s most linked with vital West, Florida, where Jimmy Buffett relocated when he was 24.

Carrie AnneThe Hollies

The Hollies" 1967 struggle "Carrie Anne" featured the an initial use of a steel drum in a commercial pop record.

live independence Women component IDestiny"s kid

The Destiny"s boy "Independent Women component I" video was command by the same man who walk the Hunger games movies.

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JetPaul McCartney & wings

The Australian band Jet take it their name from the 1973 tune of the exact same by Paul McCartney and Wings.

This LoveMaroon 5

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 make it noticeable who their song "This Love" was about when he called the album "Songs around Jane."

Timothy B. Schmit that the EaglesSongwriter Interviews

Did this Eagle come up through the ax "Parrothead"? and also what is it prefer playing "Hotel California" for the gazillionth time?

American hits With foreign TitlesSong writing

What are the greatest US hits with French, Spanish (not "Rico Suave"), Italian, Scottish, Greek, and Japanese titles?

Psychedelic LyricsMusic Quiz

Whoa man! carry out you know which band come up through these cosmic lyrics?

Matthew Wilder - "Break my Stride"They"re play My tune

Wilder"s struggle "Break mine Stride" had actually an i can not qualify inspiration: a well known record mogul that rejected it.

90210 to Buffy come Glee: just how Songs reinvented TVSong composing

Shows prefer Dawson"s Creek, Grey"s Anatomy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer changed the means songs to be heard top top TV, and produced some hits in the process.

Billy Gould of faith No MoreSongwriter Interviews

Faith No More"s bassist, Billy Gould, chats come us around his two brand-new experimental projects, The talking Book and House the Hayduk, and also shares some stories indigenous the FNM days.