Join us for in-person praise in the Worship facility at either 8:30a or 10:45a ~ above Sunday.

Each of our in-person worship services includes live music and also speaking, congregational singing and also responses, and nursery treatment for preschool period children and younger. You re welcome take a look at our most existing COVID-19 policies.

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Our new 8:30a prayer Service contains traditional music elements like piano, choir, and soloists; when our new 10:45a praise Service contains contemporary music facets from our band.


Our 8:30a In-Person organization is live streamed in ~ 8:30a ~ above Sunday mornings and the sermon is accessible on-demand (shortly after ~ the company is over) on video clip and an audio-only podcast.

This Week’s relations Hour

9:30-10:30 ~ above Sunday, November 14

Calvary’s Backpack Ministry: Meeting Room 1 to fill food bags for Parkside elementary School

Seekers Sunday School: Conference Room or sign up with on Zoom

Prayer: Chapel

Coffee and also Fellowship: Atrium

Age Level Programs (sign-in Sunday morning before attending) Nursery A and B: Nurseries increase to age 3 KidVenture Wonder Room: Preschool & Kindergarten KidVenture Story Room B: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade KidVenture Story Room A: fourth & fifth Grade Youth Room G3: Jr High Youth Room G5: High school






Our college student Ministry Team is setting up ways for our junior and senior High college student to attach together and also continue to grow in your faith. Usage the link listed below for some connecting choices for students.

You’ve always been able to submit your prayer requests online and also we’d love because that you to continue to carry out that. We’ll send these out to the whole church (if you’ve indicated it’s yes to carry out that on your request) every week in our future Monday and also Friday emails. If you perform not at this time receive our email, please authorize up here.

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These certainly are uncertain times. We all find ourselves wondering how economies and also communities will recoup after this is over. Together Calvary, we desire to be an certified dealer of peace, faith, hope, and also love during and after this pandemic. If you’re continuing to offer to the set of Calvary (whether digital or via mail), we’re thankful for your partnership in this ministry. If you’re unable to offer at the level you have actually been, us understand and hope to recover with you. If she in the unique position to give more to help offset the downturn in this unsettled times, we evaluate your sacrifice and also courage. We’re in this together and also we understand the great news that Jesus will certainly be through us through it all.