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Win at residence Firstgives service leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives a practical, eye-opening guide for growing both in ~ work and home.

Many that us focus on winning in ~ work. Whether it is from ours own fear or the expectations of others, us put press on ourselves come succeed. Then, with whatever time and also energy is left, we provide to our family and to ourselves. In the end, no one wins. Marriages suffer, children are neglected, teams at job-related are no developed, and you are not fulfilled.

There is a much better way. You, her home, and your work can thrive. This book will aid you uncover how to:

Craft a personal and family visionAchieve work/rest balanceHave a close marriage of fun and also intimacyBuild into your youngsters to set them up for success in lifePrioritize for also greater influence at workEquip and empower her employees

Succeeding at work doesn’t average you have to fail at home. You can do both.

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“Win at residence First is point out on. The mix of testimony and tools do this publication transformational because that the separation, personal, instance who desires to it is in a positive leader.” – Jon Gordon, bestselling author of The power of positive Leadership and also The Carpenter



“As Christians, us are referred to as to be fantastic at work and also at home. It’s no necessarily around balancing the 2 things, but around fulfilling every one of our duties with excellence for the glory that God. Ns am thankful Cory has written this resource to aid you do just that.” – Jordan Raynor, national bestselling writer of Called come Create and also Master of One

Additional worship for Win at house First

“Through a mix of powerful, breakable experiences and also insightful principles, Cory Carlson and his book Win at Home an initial inspires united state to take action to walk right into the footsteps wherein God has dubbed us.”

Dr. Brett Smith, Cintas Endowed Chair that Entrepreneurship, founding Director, LIFE (Leading the Integration of confidence & Entrepreneurship) study Lab, Miami university (Oxford, Ohio)

“If friend feel favor your work-life balance is the end of whack like one always suffers at the price at the other, take it heart! There’s another way! friend really can succeed in ~ both life and work. Here my an excellent friend and executive coach Cory Carlson presents a field-tested process to win at house first, kick target at work, and also feel the most alive you’ve ever felt. Walk for it!”

—Chad R. Allen, creating coach; author, Do your Art

“In the book, Win at home First, author Cory M. Carlson has written a very insightful book that will aid you in balancing your life and setting priorities in all locations of your life. It will greatly impact your life. I take into consideration the book a MUST read!

–Mark Whitacre, Ph.D., nationwide keynote speaker, the highest ever ranked executive, management whistleblower the a fortune 500 company, The Informant, movie certification Matt Damon was based upon Mark.

“If you room trying to execute it every at both work and also home and also find you yourself stressed out, this is the publication for you. Cory’s stories space real, raw and will connect with what friend feel yet have never ever said out loud. Win at Home first will assist you keep your family members close, prioritize at work, and move friend closer come the coveted but elusive work-life balance in a means you deserve to win in ~ both.”

Jody Maberry, organize of Creating Disney Magic

Authentic. Practical. Encouraging and enlightening.

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Win at Home very first brought clarity that thought and also vision to a battle I seem to conference often: life balance. Regularly we calibrate our life to occupational versus home and yet house is the an essential to success at work. This is a great book the calibrates the ideal work-life balance for success in both areas of life. A have to read.”

Chris Hartenstein, CEO that Hartco, Inc., and founder the The brand-new Frontier

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