1961’s Blue Hawaii marked the begin of Elvis Presley’s lengthy and painful slide dvery own the dull razor blade of mediocrity. The movie has little bit plot, bland also acting, and inane dialogue that sounds more suited to the romantic Anakin Skywalker (“You wanna know somepoint – on you, wet is my favorite color”). On the other hand, its soundtrack featured emetic material like “Rock-A-Hula Baby” and also “Ito Eats.” But we’re ready to foroffer all the minute we hear “Can’t Assistance Falling in Love.” Sure, it took a couple of takes to gain it appropriate (provide this outtake a listen if you’re in a spot where you won’t gain in trouble), however you can’t deny Presley’s performance right here, and also it would be level out wrong to try.“Can’t Assistance Falling in Love” has been a hit in multiple incarnations, varying from UB40 to the A-Teens. Here are five even more that we can’t aid – oh, you know the rest…

Lick the Tins – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)

More people have heard Lick the Tins than heard of them. The name will certainly attract a empty from 99.99% of the world – but if you ask anyone worth their weight in John Hughes DVDs what song plays Keith and Watts right into the closing credits of Some Kind of Wonderful, they’ll recognize the band’s sound instantly. Their Celtic-folkified “Can’t Aid Falling in Love” accelerates the song significantly and proves that a pennywhistle is never unwelcome.

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Bart & Friends – Can’t Assistance Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)

Bart & Friends might not be known a lot in America, however in Austalia they’re thought about a superteam, led by indiepop grasp Bart Cummings (perform yourself a favor and also track down Songs for Girls to Sing by his earlier group, the Cat’s Miaow). In their hands, “Can’t Assistance Falling in Love” is a flawmuch less gem, through winsome vocals courtesy of Pam Berry.

Eels – Can’t Aid Falling In Love (Elvis Presley cover)

How good are Eels? More accurately, how great is E, a.k.a. Mark Everett? Well, this cover of “Can’t Aid Falling in Love” shows up on a collection of B-sides entitled Useless Trinkets, and also its caption is “Alternative Version.” So it’s an offshoot within an offshoot, and also yet, as Everett and his piano incorporate to revolve a celebration of love right into a lonely confession/admission, you can’t aid believing, if not realizing, just just how a lot this song matters to both the singer and his audiences – both the ones that are fortunate sufficient to hear the song and the one that never before will certainly.

Howe Gelb – Can’t Aid Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)

Howe Gelb extended “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (and also extremely well) on his 2001 album Confluence; another variation, done on KXCI out of Tuscon (assistance community radio!), is a tiny bass-heavier, and also has a pair more bum notes, yet hits at a deeper level, you simply see if it don’t.

Fleet Foxes Sing – Can’t Assistance Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)

Not to be confused with Fleet Foxes… oh, okay – constantly to be puzzled through Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes Sing have actually a history of making heavily bearded music lovers doing double-takes. We’ve talked about them prior to below on Cover Me, and also here they are aacquire, extending “Can’t Aid Falling in Love” and mirroring what Elvis could have actually sounded like if he had actually readjusted his diet of fried peanut butter and also banana sandwiches to among bugs, bark, and also berries.

Just look at that confront for a moment.

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