Don’t go with defense twice. Make sure you follow signs to the defense checkpoint corresponding your boarding pass.

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Tright here are no shortcuts in between concourses beyond defense anymore.


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(Last updated: Aug. 27, 2021 - changes highlighted below)

We know this is a stressful time and points are changing eincredibly day. Ensuring that eextremely perkid coming to PDX – whether for job-related or take a trip – is healthy, safe and increated is our number one priority.

To that finish, we compiled answers to frequently asked concerns that we heard from you, and also developed a way to tell us about the acts of kindness you’re seeing roughly the airport.

Am I required to wear a confront covering while working at PDX?

Per the Feb. 1 CDC order, face coverings are required indoors for everyone at the airport, to protect both travelers and also airport employees, and also to provide a constant experience for passengers flying in and out of PDX. Children under the age of 2 and human being through medical problems that proccasion wearing a confront covering are exempt from this rule. Read the press release.
Taking off the challenge covering indoors is permitted if required for security/identity functions or once allowed by state/regional policy (for example, as soon as dining).
Face coverings are not a replacement for various other efforts to help contain the spreview of COVID-19. Please proceed to preserve physical distancing, refrain from poignant your confront and also wash your hands typically.
The face spanning rule will certainly remajor in impact for the duration of the relevant directives from the State and County, consisting of the guidance discovered in Governor Kate Brown’s May 7 “Reopening Oregon: Details on Restarting Public Life and also Business.”

Do I need to wear a mask or challenge covering at all times at PDX?

As of June 10 CDC guidance, you must wear a mask while indoors on the premises of an airport unless you"re the just perboy in the work-related area, such as might happen in private offices. If another perchild enters the job-related area, or if you leaves the job-related area and also enter another location where others might be situated, you need to wear a mask. If the nature of the job-related area is such that other workers are likely to be situated tbelow and are allowed to enter or leave unannounced, then a mask must be worn at all times.
Governor Kate Brown announced brand-new statewide outdoor mask requirements effective Friday, Aug. 27. Masks have to be worn outdoors at PDX when unable to maintain physical distance. This applies to all airport employees, regardless of vaccination status.

What added actions are you taking to save employees safe?

Our top priority is your health and wellness and safety and security and we’re leaning on the advice of our public health and wellness partners. For the latest guidance, visit the Centers for Disease Control and also Prevention and also Oregon Health Authority websites.

We’re cleaning high-touch locations in the terminal even more frequently, along with the airport’s parking pay stations, shuttle bsupplies and also indevelopment booths. Our Relay Reresources team deserves a vast say thanks to you for going above and past through their commitment to cleanliness.

You"ve more than likely noticed an increase in hand also sanitizer also. We included dispensers in high traffic areas, consisting of our taxi and also rideshare organize lot for our ground transportation carriers.

Portland Airport Fire Fighters are our medical initially responders. In accordance with Multnomah County Public Health guidance, airport firefighters are forced to respond to all medical calls wearing enhanced levels of personal protective devices. Furthermore, once fire department staff respond to clinical calls, they will certainly be placing masks on all patients, symptomatic or not. This is per the guidance of the Multnomah County Medical Director.

Everyone at PDX – including travelers, employees, home builders and business service providers – is instructed to follow public health guidelines which include wearing a confront covering, cleaning your hands frequently and also keeping 6 feet in between you and all various other world.

What resources are obtainable if I’m functioning and also obtain sick or need assist with childcare?

Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave: The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act offers for up to 2 weeks of fully-paid emergency sick leave to self-quarantine, seek a diagnosis, or receive treatment for COVID-19. Two weeks of passist emergency sick leave, at two-thirds pay, is obtainable to employees caring for a household member as a result of COVID-19. Eligible employees are those at suppliers with fewer than 500 employees, regional, state, and federal federal government employees, and also employees that job-related under a multiemployer collective agreement. Talk to your manager to learn if your company meets these demands. You can additionally testimonial the Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ.
Federal Passist Family Leave: The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act likewise gives for 12 weeks of job-protected leave for employees to take care of a minor child in the event of the closure of the child’s institution or area of childtreatment. The 12 weeks of job-protected leave encompass 2 weeks of unphelp leave, followed by 10 weeks of passist leave at two-thirds the employee’s usual pay. Employees can overlap the first two unpaid weeks with 2 weeks of emergency phelp sick leave. Eligible employees are those at companies through fewer than 500 employees, neighborhood, state, and federal government employees, and employees that work under a multiemployer cumulative agreement. Talk to your manager to learn if your firm meets these demands. You deserve to also evaluation the Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ.
The UNITED STATE Department of Labor additionally supplies rapid response solutions for employees. The Rapid Response team will administer you via indevelopment on the indicates to preserve an earnings (unemployment insurance), information on health and wellness insurance alternatives, accessibility to skills upgrading and training resources, and also much more. Services and resources vary by state and by particular layoff situation, yet neighborhood solutions that might be accessible to you include use of computers, telephones, and also fax machines for your task search; financial planning and tension administration workshops; financial assistance for training; and also one-of-a-kind solutions for veterans and also adults with disabilities. All services are readily available at no cost to you.

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I spotted a PDX employee going above and beyond. How can I get them some unique attention?

We love hearing and also sharing stories around tremendous PDX People, especially throughout such complex times. If you recognize someone who has actually gone over and also beyond, tell us about it by filling out our submission form. We might additionally follow up to research a photo of the person you want to highlight. Anvarious other alternative is to send them a shoutout on social by tagging your short article with #PDXPeople. We’ll pick a couple of of the stories to share with our followers and on our PDX employee webwebsite.