I'm watching my video tutorials for my spanish homework-related and also I'm having actually severe trouble via creating a question. This is the question -

Form questions making use of inverted word order. Put the subject at the end.

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and also the words are: Pablo cena cafeteria en la ? and upsidedvery own questionmark.

Note:I need this to proceed watching the video. Sorry, this is my first ever before spanish course I've ever before taken.


Thank you! and also I guess there's another question via estudiantes esperan el los autobus and the question marks. Based on that one I tried a couple of arrangements yet I couldn't seem to number it out.

If I understand correctly, this sentence is pretty a lot already created, and you just should put the topic at the finish. So it would certainly be "¿Ya comío Pablo? And you have the right to add the various other words like en la cafeteria if you need them

I think we have actually a little of confusion between us. The question is asking you to form the sentence via words it offers, but put the subject at the end of sentence.

The sentence feels prefer it's absent "Comer" unmuch less the word "Cena" is supposed to be "Cenar" which is not frequently provided wright here I learned Spanish. Using that it would certainly be:

¿Cena en la cafetería, Pablo?

Also, thank you as well! I'm not certain, we've been told that spanish varies relying on wbelow you live. Tright here is one more one if you don't mind? estudiantes esperan el los autobus and the question marks

To me, using comer la cena once the perfectly excellent verb cenar exists and also is commonly offered, would certainly be weird.

The "inverted word order" they are asking about is similar to what you watch in English in a question like Are you for real? Here, the verb (are) comes prior to the topic (you), whereas generally in English the topic comes prior to the verb (You are).

Spanish does this more than English does (kind of -- I don't want to talk around English!!!), so that you get concerns choose ¿Qué come el perro? which suggests 'What does the dog eat?', not 'What eats the dog'? Your homework assignment is asking for you to make "inverted word order" inquiries in order to focus on this difference between the two languperiods.

From my knowledge of the word cenar it's closer to "To have actually a meal" fairly than simply "To eat" so in this this instance somepoint favor "¿Ya Comío, Jorge?" Makes even more sense than utilizing cenar

¿Esperan en los autobuses los estudiantes? Will be the answer.

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I obtain what they are trying to go for yet I feel prefer that sounds really jumbled. To present the very same effect that the subject doesn't have to be initially (and exactly how I commonly speak) I would say "¿Esperan Los estudiantes en el autobuses?"


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