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Voting In Person

ID required

Registered voter may actors a ballot in person during the early on Voting period or on choice Day. Anapproved form of photo Id is at this time required when voting in person.Exemptions are only made in cases of disability, organic disaster, or religion. Persons who carry out not have an ID might still poll after perfect an affidavit and showing among several sustaining documents.

Early Voting

In most elections, the early Voting period begins 15 days before Election Day and ends 4 days before Election Day. During Early Voting girlfriend may cast a ballot at any site in fort Bend County. Not all website are open up the same hrs so it is vital to inspect theEarly poll Schedule because that each election.

Election Day

Fort bend County has actually been approved to participate in the Texas Countywide Polling ar Program. Voters are no much longer assigned to certain polling places but are cost-free to poll at any polling place open for that election. Election Day polls open up at 7:00 AM and close in ~ 7:00 PM. Voters who are in line prior to 7:00 PM will certainly be permitted to actors a ballot. Polling areas may vary in between elections, so that is vital that friend verify the availablepolling locations.

Limited Ballots

Voters who have actually recently moved to fort Bend County and also have not yet registered to vote may be default to actors a minimal Ballot during the at an early stage Voting period. To be eligible a person,

have to be a resident of ft Bend ar must be a registered voter of one more Texas ar

If you fulfill these criteria, girlfriend may have the ability to receive a ballot for and statewide contests, or any kind of contests usual to where you room registered and your existing residence. Minimal Ballots room only available during the beforehand Voting period, and also only in ~ the ft Bend CountyElection Office in Rosenberg.

Fort bend County voter will start using the ExpressVote system by choice Systems and also Software in might 2020.

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