Over the years, we"ve amassed considerable collection the Lonny Breaux referral tracks and Frank s rarities. In act so, we"ve had plenty of help through existing collections of Frank ocean songs. These tapes, which include The Lonny Breaux Collectionand unreleased, MISC.

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, set the structure for what undocumented, RARE.would become. Still, there was more out there. Lot more. After years of digging through blogs and also scouring net archives (as well together the difficult drives of some fellow stans), we"ve brought together the remainder of Lonny/Frank"s pre-Blondediscography and also made it available to download in one place.

Here"s some details on the collection:

undocumented, RARE.is a Frank ocean Stan"s best resource for unreleased monitor not contained in The Lonny Breaux Collection. The tape was compiled with everything else special Lonny Breaux or Frank s (and in one case, Kellen The Criminal)in the years extending 2010 come 2015 consisting of a couple of features and remixes that you can"t purchase anywhere. The ideal audio has been sourced because that each track and also each have actually been tagged through the year they were released online, if no recorded.

The arsenal was produced as a companion to The Lonny Breaux Collection. As such, this tape might contain part light overlap through that one depending upon the variation you downloaded. As much more reference tracks have actually leaked end the years, differing versions have showed up with enough differences to enable some duplication here. So long as you have actually both, be confident the you’ve got whatever that been available online together of the release day for this version.

The release has 42 tracks that include reference tracks, snippets, remixes, and every one of the monitor Frank released on his Tumblr account. Each track has clean metadata consisting of lyrics. Alternating album arts is contained in the folder.

Chances are, if you"re a stan choose us friend may currently have countless of these tracks. If so, you might want to check this relax for far better quality bitrates of the song you have. There have actually been zero edit made to the encoding the these songs so that you can be certain you have the best versions accessible on the Internet. This is intentional. We just recently upgraded a couple of ourselves ~ listening come crappy youtube rips for years. If you can prove united state wrong, we"d it is in happy to upgrade the tape v your improvements. Reach out to united state here.

For those that room Frank ocean fans, however looking to destruction deeper. Us hope the undocumented, RARE.as well as The Lonny Breaux Collectionwill save you some time and also open you approximately the fascinating civilization of songwriter extraordinaire Lonny Breaux.


2017 -undocumented, RARE.(unofficial)

sommos.net EXCLUSIVE

Heartbreak + Jet Lag

Summer Remains

I require It

Good Decoration




Big Enough

Back (To You)

Best Seller

Theme Music (Snippet)


Let Me (Feat. Kyle Christopher)


Back to You (Feat. Nikki Flores)


Light Show

Trouble (Snippet)

Pyrite (Fool"s Gold)

U acquired It

4 Tears

Bend Ya (Feat. Frank s & Kendrick Lamar) by Mann

Get my Gun (Feat. Kellen the Criminal) by Bishop Lamont

Acura Integurl

Reach for The Stars (Feat. Candid & Midi Mafia) through Rockie Fresh

Thinking around You (OG)

Cameras (Snippet)

Blue Whale


Whip Appeal


Hero (Frank Ocean, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon, and Diplo)

Thinking around You (Remix Feat. Twista)

Reach because that The Stars (Feat. Frank s & Tronixx) through Midi Mafia

Without you (Feat. Open minded Ocean) by Stacy Barthe

Golden Girl (Feat. Tyler, The Creator)

Pink matter (Remix Feat. André 3000 & big Boi)

Eyes like Sky

Thinking about You (SBTRKT Edit)

Whip very nice one (SBTRKT Edit)

Lovely job (Feat. Lonny Breaux) by Mann


You room Luhh

Compiler footnotes:

Omitted are several well-known rarities that us can"t verify as Frank"s. Namely, these are "Anywhere" and also "Girlfriend"s best Friend." before you obtain at ours inbox, yes we"ve heard the unpitched execution of both. They"re well tracks, but—as close as they may sound—We just can"t fully buy into either of them together Frank"s tunes. We"ve linked to these in the grasp listunder a section listing other known fake frank songs, however pending legitimate confirmation (as if...), they will not be contained in the tape for this reason.

If you notice that this release is lacking anything, please let us know.We"d be glad come hear that us missed miscellaneous or the you"ve uncovered something new.

While we"re top top the topic, don"t skip out on the master list. There are some great Frank s related downloads there that any type of Stan would desire to include to their collection including skits and also clips native sommos.net RADIO, the instrumentals that streamed in the work leading up to Endless, and even one old livestream recording through Lonny and Ciara. If you"re wondering where most of these tracks are coming from, we"ll let Franky phone call it.

We expect you reap this tape as much as us do. There to be a fair amount of time spent putting it together, therefore if you"re emotion it, follow us on Twitter.

Version History

V1 - 6/17:

Initial 40 monitor release.

V2 -12/17:

Removed "Scared that Beautiful" (this track already exists top top the Lonny Breaux Collection)

Moved documentation come sommos.net (you are here).

V3 - 1/18:

Added 2 versions of "Reach because that The Stars." The original, loose one through Rockie Fresh, the various other a finalized Remix by Midi Mafia and Tronixx.

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V4 - 4/20:

Added “Big Enough,” a Midi Mafia / Lonny Breaux co-write that later came to be “Bigger” on Justin Bieber’s debut EP My World.