Located in Muskegon, MI, The Frauenthal center for the Performing arts is a versatile wedding venue with an artistic edge. Couples deserve to rent this historic space for their milestone celebrations. The venue an initial opened that is doors in 1929 together the Michigan Theatre under the ownership of entertainer Paul Schlossman. Initially a chic movie theatre, it now sets the stage for concerts, symphonies, and also more. A selection of dramatic at home spaces is easily accessible for hold events huge and small. Soon-to-be-weds can take benefit of the venue's regal Spanish design to hold captivating celebrations. This neighborhood theater has been lovingly renovated through the Community structure for Muskegon County. After ~ receiving a generous amount from regional philanthropist Harold Frauenthal, they to be able to buy the building. Together a result, the Frauenthal center for the Performing Arts to be born. In the 90s, the home was finally revitalized to its former glory. The building's classic style is visible from the minute guests action in the door. The happy couple can pick to mark their new beginnings in Frauenthal Center. Inspired by Spanish Renaissance style, this an are is equipment with timeless red theatre seats. Ornate patterns and also gold tones produce a stately atmosphere. On-stage receptions organize up come 150 loved ones. Over there is room for theater-style celebrations of over 1,700. More intimate events can be organized in Beardsley Theater. This contemporary space accommodates over 160 guests. For much more traditional wedding receptions, take into consideration the third-floor ballroom. This elegant an are is best for occasions of as much as 275 loved ones. Through a flexible floor plan and also neutral tones, couples space invited to placed their own spin on things. Finally, the Reception collection sets the scene for art-inspired events. Creative works heat the walls of this stylish venue. A balcony offers guests a bird's-eye-view the the lobby below. The gallery have the right to be merged with several meeting rooms to accommodate larger events.The professional occasion staff at the Frauenthal facility for Performing arts will work with girlfriend to design a one-of-a-kind wedding. Castle can help gather the details that your big day, native the furniture to the food. Their list of desired caterers covers a variety of cuisines and also styles. The team is additionally able to organize drinks, entertainment, and also more.

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Their bar services feature a choice of spirits, beer, wine, and also non-alcoholic refreshments. They will go the extra mile to make your special occasion was standing out.