There room a complete of 10 Riddles situated on Miagani Island and also they have the right to be uncovered in the following locations:


Riddle 01

“The organization of assassins stuck chisels through hearts, now they impale each other’s art.”

Map Co-ordinates: 2894, 2616

The answer come this riddle have the right to be discovered in the tiny alleyway just to the phibìc of the parking garage. Look because that a little sketch on the structure opposite with the words ‘The Demon’s Head chandelier return. It is situated right behind a burn barrel.

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Riddle 02

“The Highest structure in Arkham City, A weird man worked here, who took no pity.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3353, 2912

Look for the Wonder Tower building (remember the from Arkham City?) turn off to the northeast the the map, previous the damaged bridges.

Riddle 03

“The Prince that Gotham sits high in his tower, yet this photo recalls a more joy hour.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3609, 2815

Scan the family portrait in the office in ~ the peak of Wayne Tower to fix the riddle.

Riddle 04

“A previous warden who had a weird turn, his meeting as market was a cause for concern.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3156,2660

Scan the wall surface art in the alleyway that states ‘Vote Quincy sharp for Mayor’.

Riddle 05

“Disarming, charming, quite the inquisitor. She’ll pull earlier the vale, anyone the visitor.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3375, 2405

Scan the ‘The Vicki Vale Show’ neon authorize on the rooftops to settle the riddle.

Riddle 06

“Are you enduring from a mental split? Take out the trash before you safeguard it!”

Map Co-ordinates: 3237, 2299

Scan the ‘Hell’s Gate’ sign on the next of the road.

Riddle 07

“A herbal cure because that Scarecrow’s doom, her saviour’s gone however still in bloom.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3157, 2210

In former of the tree in ~ the Miagani botanical Garden where we left toxicity Ivy. At the finish of the game you’ll see a solitary flower bloom in former of the tree. Scan this from the appropriate distance and you’ll solve the riddle.

Riddle 08

“Friends the the Waynes though no as wealthy, your memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy.”

Map Co-ordinates: 2913, 2206

Scan the Eliott Memorial Hospital. You’ll need to gain most the the hospital into view once you scan to get it to count. Try doing so from the southeast.

Riddle 09

“It doesn’t take lot to tame a Cat, make them undertake this and then call the Bat.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3254, 1896

Scan Catwoman’s necklace inside the Pinkney Orphange.

Riddle 10

“You forced this contraption end my brain. I’ll price you v punishment, debasement and also pain.”

Map Co-ordinates: 3254, 1896

Behind control panel we have the right to hack v the Remote Hacking Device in the final Exam room that the Pinkney Orphanage undertaken during part 10 of the ‘Riddler’s Revenge’ many Wanted side-mission. Inside, you’ll desire to scan the blueprint that the tunnel-type thing on the desk.

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