‘Being outspoken help me sleep much better at night’: john Cusack. Photograph: James Minchin/Amazon Studios

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‘Being outspoken helps me sleep better at night’: john Cusack. Photograph: James Minchin/Amazon Studios
John Cusack talks around political activism, Hollywood, the highs and lows the his 30-year job – and Utopia, the new TV collection set to heat him up


Star turn: in Being john Malkovich. Photograph: unified Archives GmbH/Alamy share PhotoBy queasy chance, part of the story of Utopia, which was written and also filmed critical year, requires a pandemic. It’s an accidentally timely subplot that Amazon has actually not been shy to push in trailers because that the show. Ns ask Cusack, once he first read the script, even if it is it seemed at all plausible that something prefer this might happen, and he states yes: “Given the convergence the dystopian realities the we’ve had, whether it’s food and also water shortages, endless war, global warming, it no feel choose it to be too lot of a stretch come imagine it happening. ‘Timely’ would certainly be the not correct word, since that sounds choose something that’s convenient and nice. But, because that those human being who have actually been Cassandras for a while, for those civilization who’ve to be saying we must change, that feels like the remainder of the human being is recording up now.”

Do you consider yourself a Cassandra? Cusack rubs his eyes again. That smiles. The frowns. He shows up to think, posesthe it: “Sometimes you do. If you space saying things that human being might not want to hear, or things that room annoying come hear… Y’know, yeah. A little bit!”

He’s gentler, honestly, 보다 all this hoarse political speechifying provides him sound. He sister Joan once mentioned Cusack’s unconscious habit, at parties, of lowering his 6ft 2in structure to look someone shorter than self in the eye: “To make them feel like the star.” Chatting together he sits in his kitchen, he no so much away in manner indigenous the affable, all-American guys he play so well in the 1980s. There was “Gib” Gibson in The certain Thing (1985) and Lloyd Dobler in Say Anything (1989). Together a viewer I first encountered Cusack once he play the wise and also tragic college boy Denny Lachance in rob Reiner’s bildungsroman, Stand through Me.

Reiner, who additionally directed The certain Thing, was a former teen star himself. Cusack remembers the manager going out of his means to make him feeling welcome in an sector that can be cold and also cruel to its young actors. “You don’t require me come repeat every the clichés. Hollywood can be rather transactional and also rough. I was lucky. I was 16, 17. Rob would invite you into his home, watch after friend – it no that… exploitative vibe at all. Movies were definitely the Wild West back then. But there were good people, too.”


Music man: in High Fidelity v Jack Black. Photograph: Moviestore/REX/ShutterstockWhat does he remember that his first encounters through the rougher edge of the business? Cusack looks in ~ the curtained window, stop in a smile, reportedly wondering whether to call the complying with story or not. “I remember, early on in mine career, once I was still in high school, you’d be on a movie collection and at the end of the day world would go and get beer indigenous the prop truck. And additionally you might get coke.”

He doesn’t median the kind with a capital C: “Like ns said, the Wild West. No that i was doing it all. However it was simply sort of like, ‘Wow.’ kind of like, ‘OK! anything goes.’”

After his breakout years in the 1980s he to be in and out of occupational in the beforehand 90s, it spins Woody Allen cast him in Bullets end Broadway. Cusack discovered a cool groove towards the end of the decade, co-writing and also starring in the cult comedy Grosse Pointe Blank and also appearing alongside man Malkovich in the dementedly silly, but sort that brilliant, activity movie Con Air. The film finished with one aeroplane full of condemned detainees landing top top a completely populated ras Vegas strip. (Incredibly, this is not the silliest scene Cusack has ever rendered for the action-movie canon. For that you require to check out the apocalypse movie 2012 and also a sequence in which he drives a large limo through a collapsing Los Angeles skyscraper.)

His career high came right at the revolve of the century, when he reunited with Malkovich because that the i can not forget Charlie Kaufman/Spike Jonze participation Being john Malkovich and also a year later on starred in, co-wrote and co-produced the movie adaptation that Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity. In 2001 he did Serendipity, which has proved durable, a well-thought-of Christmas romcom. The later 00s were not rather so abundant for him and might be finest thought of together Cusack’s “with hilarious results” phase. Top top IMDB castle summarise the plot the 2005’s Must Love Dogs together follows: “A 30-something preschool teacher looks come the personals for a adjust of pace and also a relationship, with hilarious results.”

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‘I’d love to think about other points – poetry, love, anything – yet that’s no the times we’re in’: Cusack at home in Chicago. Photograph: Patrick Fraser/The ObserverIn 2010 the starred in and produced the self-explanatory comedy Hot bathtub Time Machine, a silly film that uncovered a cult audience and doubled the money at package office. However it was among the last of his tasks to date that Cusack to be able to gain real money for. “In the last couple of years, ns haven’t to be able to gain projects financed,” he says. “That can be a duty of obtaining older. Or it can be a role of gift cold.” Instead, the previous decade’s work has actually been characterised by some ace bit-parts and also cameos (an eerie psychotherapist in David Cronenberg’s Maps come the Stars, the musician Brian Wilson in Love & Mercy, a soliloquising preacher in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq) as well as some terribly average thrillers, in almost every one of which Cusack appears on the poster brandishing a pistol or standing beside someone brandishing a gun.

“You may go do a film,” the sighs, lowering his torso over the breakfast counter, “you perform all this work. And the movie type of gets butchered in the editing room. And also that happens, like…” (Cusack turns down his mouth, act the sums) “like, ripe times out of 10? so it’s not a an extremely satisfying thing, if only one in 10 movies that you’re making job-related out the means they were planned.” Movie-making, the concludes, is “brutal, transactional, superficial and also dumb.” Incredible, really, the he’s waited so lengthy to obtain in top top TV.

In every his years as an gibbs Cusack had never ventured more into telly than a 1996 guest-spot ~ above Frasier, also as telly came to be an exciting, thriving, prestigious format, a refuge because that so countless forgotten or overlooked actors of Cusack’s generation. He has actually heard it claimed he to be once thought about for the function of Walter White in Breaking Bad. Even, the he was offered the gig and also turned that down. The rumour has actually proved for this reason persistent the Cusack lastly had to sidle up to showrunner Vince Gilligan and also ask. “I said: ‘I never got offered Breaking Bad, go I?’ and Vince stated no.” The brand-new Amazon show, Cusack insists, was his first serious offer. “One that those phone call calls, castle want you.”

And for this reason he is waiting. For the show to come the end (and maybe warm him increase a little). For the presidential election in November, and the chance that Trump and his cronies will be ousted from power. Every his adult life civilization have recognised Cusack, and tapped the on the shoulder, and said: i loved you in Say Anything (or High Fidelity, or Con Air). Periodically a certain type of man, wary of looking soft, will firmly insist it’s his wife that loves Cusack. Ago in 2003, Cusack was at a boxing enhance in ras Vegas when he obtained one of this taps top top the shoulder. “Hey, John,” said Donald Trump. “My wife loves you.” Cusack insurance claims he shivered in revulsion also then.

When our interview is over he will certainly be ago online, barracking Trump, to express his fury and also his contempt. Prior to he walk I imply to Cusack, gently as I can, that Twitter walk not constantly look the healthiest ar for him. “I would love to think around other things,” he agrees. “Poetry. Love. Anything else. However that’s simply not the time we’re in. And, y’know, not all anger is simply sort of somebody stuck in part rut in a basement. If you can not be overcome on behalf of various other people, or to express anger in ~ injustice, probably that is its very own rut. Sure, I could go too far sometimes. But I really just want to get throughout the message: the we’re sleepwalking right into an exceptionally dark possible future.”

Cusack rubs his worn down eyes. He drinks from his large tin tankard that coffee. That knows, the says? “Maybe gift outspoken hurts your career… ns just aware it help me sleep better at night, understanding that ns wasn’t passive throughout this time.”