Showcasing iconic scenes from the Star Wars franchise, Funko pop Star battles Movie Moments offers fans unique alternatives to assist further your Pop! collection.

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Just together the Pop! Star wars line made each vinyl figure stand out by placing castle on a disc, Funko popular music Star wars Movie moments replicates the film"s stage, albeit ~ above a slightly smaller scale. Think that it as a Pop! diorama. Despite the number is numbered order, the initial supplying is indigenous The empire Strikes Back"s i can not forget lightsaber battle between Darth Vader and also Luke Skywalker ~ above Bespin, a.k.a. Cloud City Duel.

Each Funko popular music Star battles Movie moment option contains two numbers that room sculpted in conjunction v a particular scene. One an especially memorable minute is immortalized in Cantina Faceoff. The Walmart exclusive might not help resolve the concern of who actually shoot first, yet Han Solo is presented with his leg up ~ above the table and also his pistol (hiding?) underneath, if Greedo points his weapon straight at Han.

Shop because that Star wars Movie Moments numbers on Walmart.

Although the Funko popular music Star wars Movie Moments collection takes the traditional Pop! release to an additional level, it is still numbered as part of the key Star wars line. They are a little pricier than common Pop! figures, though, with a normal retail expense of around $25-30 apiece.

There is additionally a tv Moments number from The Mandalorian.

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Funko popular music Star wars Movie moments Checklist

222 Duel on Mustafar: Anakin and also Obi-Wan - Smuggler"s Bounty222 escape Pod Landing: R2-D2 and C-3PO - Walmart223 Cantina Faceoff: Han Solo and Greedo - Walmart224 trash Compactor Escape: Luke and Leia - Walmart225 death Star Duel: Darth Vader and also Obi-Wan - Walmart226 Cloud City Duel: standard Darth Vader and also Luke - Walgreens257 rematch on the Supremacy: Finn and Captain Phasma264 Clash ~ above the Supremacy: Rey and also Praetorian Guard265 Clash top top the Supremacy: Kylo Ren and Praetorian Guard280 Boba it s okay His Bounty: Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite - Smuggler"s Bounty284 Dagobah Face-Off: Luke Skywalker294 encounter on Endor: C-3PO and Logray320 an initial Order Tread Speeder390 The Mandalorian v The Child