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Take me downTake me all the method down tonight, soon I"ll be leavingBreak me downBreak me all the way down, before the night is over(Over)Let"s acquire lost, Let"s get lostLet"s gain lost, Let"s acquire lostWhat that is, what it could be?My imagination runs fastOnly if friend comin" through me4 AM continuing to be up pastOr yet long this drugs lastDon"t recognize why i live for this reason fastThey be informing me to slow-moving downI be screaming the end "fuck that!"I yes, really wanna take it you downMoaning is exactly how I wanna make you soundCan"t wait till I get you homeFuck that ns wanna take you nowLet’s perform it all - have a ballHook up tonight in the ladies" room stallFollow you there I"ll let you do the callYou deserve to text all your friends say you"ll check out them tomorrowThat"s if you"re downShe never ever fucked the an initial night until nowLet me, plowFaded, I"m drunk turn off the brownStayed up all night top top the townAct like tomorrow just doesn"t existTime isn"t real ain"t shit on my wristsLet go of whatever then you have blissThen she told me thisTake me downTake me every the method down tonightSoon I"ll be leaving (I"ll be leaving)Break me downBreak me every the way down, before the night is over(Over)Let"s acquire lost, Let"s acquire lostLet"s obtain lost, Let"s acquire lostLet"s acquire lost tonightYou can be supreme Kate Moss tonightTurn up in the Soho loft tonightDo drugs, take it 10 shots tonightAwesome ns naked v Naked and Famous blue jeans on the floorLive a wild life, you ain"t viewed this beforeYou should offer brains and I average this for sureThat"s what genius is forBeautiful girl the I simply met ~ above tourAnother good girl the I"ll probably destroyHer life was stable until she met meSheltered and also safe therefore she never gets freedBut she loves problem she"s drawn to the dangerNever goes crazy, ns bet i can readjust herI can make her autumn in love through a strangerSwitch up the pace I don"t average Danny GrangerCan’t wait till tomorrow? I"m fine through todayYou pretty as fuck and also I"m tryna slay"Let"s do this ideal now" is what I"m trying come sayI can tell you don"t love him, you"re dice to strayI perform not provide a posesthe "bout her exI"m not looking for love, I"m just in search of sexTension in between us had actually me emotion vexedThen she sent me a text...Take me downTake me all the means down tonight, soon I"ll it is in leavingBreak me downBreak me all the means down, prior to the night is overLet"s gain lost, Let"s get lostLet"s get lost, Let"s obtain lostThat"s that endless summer, never going earlier to schoolWe perform what we desire to, can"t phone call me no rulesEvery night top top the town, going out all the timeAnd I"m tryna take it you down, just thing on my mindTake me downTake me every the method down tonight, soon I"ll it is in leaving