Split 2 is here! as you every know, a brand-new Split method new rewards! Don’t miss out on your chance to collect the Team Phantom weapon set by tuning into the Pro league broadcasts Tuesday and Wednesday each week, starting at 5 afternoon ET (2 afternoon PT, 4 pm CT).

Skins will currently be entitled based on how countless points a user has accumulated. Points have the right to be deserve by watching Pro organization streams and also by completing quests throughout those streams.

You can earn clues by the town hall the stream because that at the very least an hour and also by completing questsPoints have the right to only be earned during active Pro league Live stream durations

Task/QuestPoints Earned
Each hour watched100
Each quest completed100

Skins will certainly be licensed has been granted manually prior to the following week’s Pro league broadcasts if:

You have actually the required amount of points for each respective skin and girlfriend have got points the week by watching for one hour OR completing a ‘Check-in’ quest. (Remember, points perform not update best away)Quests are at first inactive and will appear greyed out. They will certainly be caused at the beginning of every stream ~ above Tuesdays and also Wednesdays.Users need to only it is in logged right into one account at a time.Remember come click the ‘Claim’ switch in order to redeem her points.

Min. Point out accrued by userCompleted a check-in pursuit during any type of of the Pro league streams in:Skin unlocked
1,000Week 2Team Phantom talk Bow
1,500Week 2Team Phantom Embar
2,000Week 3Team Phantom Hammerburst
2,500Week 3Team Phantom Lancer GL
3,000Week 3Team Phantom Retro Lancer
3,500Week 4Team Phantom Talon
4,000Week 4Team Phantom Boltok
4,500Week 4Team Phantom Snub Pistol
5,000Week 5Team Phantom Scorcher
5,500Week 5Team Phantom Claw
6,000Week 5Team Phantom Mace
6,500Week 5Team Phantom Dropshot (2nd chance)
6,500Week 5Team Phantom Boomshot (2nd chance)

The top scoring users at the end of the split (Pro organization Phase 1&2 combined) will get something brand brand-new to the Pro organization Watch & success program…a Chrome stole Grenadier personality skin!

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Top scoring users on the Pro organization Phase 1 and also 2 leaderboards will obtain the Chrome stole Grenadier skin!

You deserve to view the Chat, Leaderboard, Quests and also Twitter panels side-by-side.To see your points, just go come the Leaderboard panel and also you will watch it in ~ the top, in addition to an ‘Earn Points’ button that will present you active tasks. (This function will activate on Tuesday, Mar 2 2021)Please note that to update in points have the right to take some time to reflect on her account.

Pro league Week 2 (March 2nd/3rd)

Watch & victory Rewards for Week 2 – Team Phantom talk Bow and also Embar

Pro organization Week 3 (March 9th/10th)

Watch & victory Rewards because that Week 3 – Team Phantom Hammerburst, Lancer GL, and also Retro Lancer

Pro organization Week 4 (March 16th/17th)

Watch & victory Rewards for Week 4 – Team Phantom Talon, Snub, and Boltok

Pro league Week 5 (March 23rd/24th)

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Watch & success Rewards because that Week 5 – Team Phantom Claw, Mace, Scorcher, and second chance because that Team Phantom Boomshot and also Dropshot