The an initial series of Geordie Shore, a British television programme based in Newcastle top top Tyne, began airing top top 24 may 2011 ~ above MTV. The series concluded ~ above 12 July 2011 after 6 episodes and 2 specials including a reunion present hosted by Russell Kane and an illustration counting under the ideal bits the the series. Native 23 respectable 2011 until 30 respectable 2011, 2 Magaluf specials aired on MTV, however these episodes room featured ~ above the series 2 DVD. The series included Holly"s turbulent connection with Dan coming to one end, the beginning of Gaz and also Charlotte"s continuous love/hate relationship, and Jay and Vicky"s rocky relationship. This was the only series to feature Greg Lake.

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Geordie shore - Season : 1

Season 1 illustration 1 - episode 1

It all kicks off once eight Geordies end up being housemates. Vicky can"t decide if she prefers Jay or Greg, Charlotte tries she hardest to protect against Gaz"s advances, Greg wants to leave and Holly, the just housemate in a relationship, is unfaithful in ~ a few hours. However that, she"d argue, counts on your an interpretation of the hatchet unfaithful... Air date : 24th-May-2011Read More

Season 1 episode 2 - episode 2

With Greg earlier on side, the Geordie shore housemates are finally getting on... However how long can it last? Jay"s conscious that he"s bitten off more than he have the right to chew v Vicky, Holly tests her relationship borders even further, Charlotte fights off the continuing developments of Gaz, and also Sophie it s okay the shock of she life when her parents revolve up unannounced. All before last night"s one-of-a-kind friend has had time come leave... Air date : 31st-May-2011Read More

Season 1 illustration 3 - illustration 3

It"s Jay"s date of birth in Geordie Shore: Vicky dram the dutiful "girlfriend", Holly"s friend Dan provides a surprised visit and also Charlotte loser her fight to fight turn off Gaz. Yet eight become seven together the residence is rocked by a shock departure. Air date : 7th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 1 illustration 4 - episode 4

When everyone realises the Holly"s gone, the setting in the house takes a rotate for the worse. Vicky and also Jay fall out as the "no tashing elsewhere" rule fails and Charlotte gives Gaz every the ammo he needs to play far from home. Yet how long can they all live apart? particularly when one more tries to leave Geordie Shore... Air date : 14th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 1 episode 5 - episode 5

There is a shock because that the actors as Holly makes a surprise go back to the Geordie shore house, yet not before Jay and also Gaz challenge their toughest job-related assignment at a functioning man"s club. Anna pushes Vicky too much with some salsa dancing and Holly"s pleasure is quick lived as a late night phone speak to ends in heartbreak. Air day : 21st-Jun-2011Read More

Season 1 illustration 6 - illustration 6

It"s the final episode that Geordie Shore yet there is absolutely no fairy story ending. Deserve to Holly and also her boyfriend Dan"s 10 month partnership survive one altercation in the car park the an the end of city shopping centre, Gaz gives Charlotte some severe news however is the what she was hoping for and also for Jay and Vicky their connection erupts in the most shocking means imaginable. Air day : 28th-Jun-2011Read More

Season 1 illustration 7 - The Reunion

The Geordie Shore actors are reunited together with friends, family, fans, and also a few surprises come unravel the truths the those involved and hear the opinions that those who loved and loathed the show. Air day : 5th-Jul-2011Read More

Season 1 episode 8 - best Bits

When girls and guys have actually 6 weeks to obtain on it in Newcastle, it"s all around fit bodies, belting nights, and going out on the pull; and also once you"ve unable to do Geordie, there"s no walking back. Air day : 12th-Jul-2011Read More

Season 1 episode 9 - Magaluf wildly 1

The Geordie Shore cast are heading come Magaluf for their summer holidays whereby Jay and Gaz quickly make up for lost time v the ladies, and tensions explode with Char and Gaz causing a large Geordie bust-up. Air date : 23rd-Aug-2011Read More

Season 1 illustration 10 - Magaluf insanity 2

Air day : 30th-Aug-2011Read More


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