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Hey, heyAre there any girls that choose to suck cock?Raise her handAny girls that prefer to suck penis raise her handCome on, gals - this is - no us don't care about the guysI'd be increasing my hand, tooWe wanna recognize how countless girls out there in Dallas, in this roomI know, I know everybody ran downstairs as soon as Listen, listen, listen; don't play, don't playHow many girls like to suck dick in this room?Come on, you're all fucking lyingWe understand you the suck cock once in a whileAlright, alright, well the guys simply need to understand who to take home tonightI mean, reallyI was talking to Well, GG's one ignorant motherfucker, y'knowAlright, I'm ignorant, but I favor to fuckI like to drink, I prefer to sucking cockWho offers a fuck?Everybody always says"Oh GG, y'know, he just ain't cool, y'know""He ain't political, he doesn't have actually a shave head, y'know, that ain't hardcore"I'll hardcore on any kind of one of you motherfuckers!Skinhead, motherfucker, come onI'll hardcore your ass off, I'll fucking death your ass manYou which up here and also I'll show you fuckin' hardcoreI'll hardcore her motherfuckin' ass right right into the pavement!
Well you hate me and I hate youYou never recognize the things I say or perform - therefore what's new?You never ever liked me so ns say fuck youYou know, you know that you don't like me and I don't like youYou never listen to my allude of watch - I'm telling youWhy don't you every drop dead, girlfriend fucking stupid - It's you who loseYou never ever wanted me so i say posesthe youYou know, you know that girlfriend don't like me so i don't like you fuck yourselfYou never ever like the points I say or do, for this reason whatcha' gonna do?Why don't friend all walk home and also go ago to college - through your gold ruleMindless, gutless puppets, who needs you?You know, you understand that you don't prefer me and I don't prefer youYou know, you understand that friend don't like me and I don't favor youYou know, you know that you don't choose me and I don't favor youYou know, you recognize that you don't choose me so i say fuck you