Imagine that your project was security each and every day surrounded by pets deemed by most of the human being as terrifying beasts.

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Now imagine interacting, feeding, and also even playing with these same animals. This summary is the fact of Danielle and also other employee at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife facility in Divide, Colorado.

Danielle and her coworkers interact and work v wolves, coyotes, and foxes daily. The center’s target is to “educate the general public through tours and programs about the importance of wolves, coyotes, and also foxes come our eco-system.” castle also administer extensive attention and also a natural habitat for the pets in their care due to the fact that they space unable to live in the wild for various reasons.

The Colorado Wild and also Wildlife center has newly received a the majority of positive media attention after this surprising, however heartwarming video clip was posted online.

The famous video depicts danielle playing and cuddling through one terrifying looking however in reality, an extremely sweet wolf, Kekoa. Kekoa smothers Danielle v kisses, wagging her tail in happiness. Later on in the video, another wolf, Sakura, comes into the scene. She also shows simply as much love and also attention to daniel as Kekoa. The human filming the video clip aptly points at that daniel is “an typical sized person” highlighting how enormous the wolves yes, really are.


Although both wolves space quite big and look like they might be fierce creatures, they space prime examples of exactly how we should never referee a publication by its cover. In spite of their size and might, these wolves have actually nothing yet love come give. The relationship in between Danielle, Kekoa, and also Sakura is a beautiful explicate of what a true friendship in between humans and wildlife have the right to look like.

This viral video clip has become an excellent publicity for the Wildlife Center since it emphasizes your goal of informing the public about the pets they seek to treatment for and also protect. After watching the transmittable joy that Kekoa and Sakura, even someone terrified of wolf can’t assist but feel at the very least an oz of love because that these misunderstood creatures.

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If you space going to take one thing away from this story, it’s the not every little thing is as it seems. Part seemingly scary and intimidating creatures turned out to be beautiful and also kind ideal friends. Let the story of Kekoa and also Sakura remind you to be loving to every human and animal alike.

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