This error indicates that friend don’t have actually the DirectX 11.0 mounted in your computer system or the driver DDI version is below 11. The number one reason for this is, your GPU is not compatible v the game. This is a usual error through Unreal Engine i beg your pardon PUBG is right now using.

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Though the engine have to works on older GPU as it only needs the cooked variation of the game. Unfortunately, PUBG forgot to develop the cooked variation or probably key reason is lock don’t just support enlarge GPU as declared in the minimum requirement.

If you have actually this problem, girlfriend should probably get comparable error below:

The an international shader cache file ‘C:/Program records (x86)/Steam/sitemapps/common/PUBG/Engine/GlobalShaderCache-PCD3D_SM4.bin’ is missing.

Your application is developed to pack COOKED content. No COOKED content was found. This usually means you did not cook content because that this build. It likewise may indicate missing cooked data because that a shader platform(e.g., OpenGL under Windows): Make certain your platform’s packaging settings incorporate this target RHI.

Alternatively build and run the UNCOOKED variation instead.

There space some methods to bypass this error. This is by utilizing an DirectX 11 emulator that will certainly trick the game that you’re to run the required specs. You can download the official DirectX 11 emulator native DirectX SDK from Microsoft.

How to settle this Uncooked variation Error in PUBG?

Download the DirectX SDK at installed, run or search dxcpl.exe.In Scope, click Edit List…Add then locate the TslGame.exe.After that operation the video game if it will certainly works. If not, inspect the Force WARP on the bottom.

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Image credit transaction to Keno Belisario.