My mother used to say to me prior to bed together a child, "Good night, sleep tight, don"t permit the bedbugs bite." –Mama Lisa


an excellent Night, Sleep Tight

Nursery Rhyme

Good night, sleep tightDon"t permit the bedbugs bite. But if they do, climate take her shoe andHit castle till they"re black and also blue.

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Good night, sleep tightDon"t permit the bedbugs bite. Yet if lock do, then take your shoe andHit castle till they"re black and blue.



People all over love Christmas – however we don’t every celebrate the the same way.

Mama Lisa’s Christmas about The civilization is a solemn event of the diversity and also love through which countless different societies mark this joyful time that year.

You’ll review about:

how in Italy it’s not Santa Claus that gives gifts to every the children. It’s La Befana, a familiar witch! exactly how Scandinavians mark the end of the season by “plundering” the Christmas Tree on St. Knut’s Day. That’s a fun method to get youngsters to assist with the post-holiday clean-up! exactly how in Colombia, in the southerly Hemisphere, it’s usually heat in December. For this reason Christmas is commemorated like a gigantic outdoor block party!

The very first part that the book covers several of the traditions that take ar on days other than Christmas itself, favor St. Nick’s Day and Epiphany. The background and an interpretation of these holidays is discussed, often with instances of traditional songs.

The second part presents lovely traditions and songs from numerous different nations. The song are given in the initial languages and with English translations.

What renders the book really one-of-a-kind is the numerous comments indigenous Mama Lisa’s correspondents who have shared stories and also memories from their own lives. The memory of childhood touch united state forever!

Many the the song featured likewise include web links to the Mama Lisa website, wherein you can discover recordings, videos and sheet music.

Merry Christmas!

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Over 75 beloved carol from countries and also cultures all approximately the globe. Each contains the complete text in the initial language, with an English translation. Each also features web links to recordings ~ above the Mama Lisa website, part by experienced musicians, but many by ordinary civilization who have added them come us, to aid preserve your culture. Most include beautiful illustrations and also sheet music. Plenty of have commentary sent out to us by ours correspondents who write around the history of the songs and also what they expected in your lives.We"ve included beloved favorite from everywhere the human being like: -"Tu scendi dalle stelle (You Come down from the Stars)" indigenous Italy. -"Guillô prends ton tambourin (Patapan)" from France. -And "Cantos para pedir posada (Carol come Ask because that Lodging)" native Mexico.We"ve likewise included English language favorite like:-"Good King Wenceslas". -And spirituals like "Go Tell it On The Mountain".

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THIS IS A can be downloaded EBOOK available INSTANTLY.