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Address:3151 S Kansas Expy, Springfield, MO 65807, USA
Phone:+1 417-888-0044
Working:9AM–8PM 9AM–8PM 9AM–8PM 9AM–8PM 9AM–8PM 9AM–8PM 10AM–6PM


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Elle L

I bought this used 5t boy pj set and I looked at the tag on the shirt it says 2.99. Well, they charged me 2.99 each for the shirt and the pants!! They have the tag hidden in the pants so I didnt know it was 2.99 more for the pants itself, I thought they would sell the used set as 2.99 alone. I was so wrong! I could have bought a new pj at wal-mart for 5 dollars!!! Beware, they try to rip people off with their high prices!! I also bought a Cherokee cardigan for my daughter and it was marked 6.99 on the tag, but they lady charged me 9.99 for it, didnt realize it until I got home and looked at the receipt! I would not recommend store to anyone because of their high prices and its a rip off!!!


Richard Steele

My wife and I are teachers and, as we travel during the summertimes visiting our grown children and our grandchildren all over the U.S., we stop at a lot of thrift stores to buy our professional outfits we will wear the next school year. Weve been to MANY Goodwill stores through the years, and this is by far the best ever: Excellent prices, great selection, and polite, helpful staff! I recommend this store very highly to anyone who likes to dress well and look their best at bargain basement prices.


A Private User

Unbelievably high prices!! Shoes are marked $13.00 and up, not the $4.00 they have on their signs. They should take the 50 cent garage sale stickers off their shoes before they put the $15.00 price on them. There are other places in Springfield to thrift shop where the prices are no where near this high and the employees are friendly. Greedy organization!!


Teresa Dean

My husband picked up a dozen roses and brought them straight to me. I opened the package and all the leaves fell off. The roses lasted less than 4 days. To top it all off I messaged Flowerama twice to make them aware and got no response at all. Would never waste my money on a business that wont even take the time to respond to a customer!!!!


angela harris

i also was shocked of the prices. i went in to find some summer clothing for my daughter and maybe 2 bar stools so we can have a place to eat dinner instead of the floor or living room and the prices put me on the floor. i will never go in there again..why when i can go buy it new for the same price. shame on you guys at goodwill


Carolyn Bucy

Amazing prices, constantly bringing in new stock,even while you shop . Knowledgeable employees. Books on topics I love. Even other shoppers are friendly. Saddened by their move. Even trinkets & jewelry in glass cases should not be overlooked. Everyone one I ve mentioned this store to have also been there & love it!


Jason Stewart

Since the new store has opened it is much cleaner and has a brighter atmosphere. There does seem to be an odd trend that has come about in the last year or so though, has anyone noticed the parking lot is full of expensive new vehicles? I find it strange that women who drive 30k+ cars need to shop at goodwill.

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Teresa James

Where do the money go ???? Donated items that are over priced and they dont help the community but the community donates to them. You cant get any help so where dos the money go the only place that helps with food and bills is salvation army and they dont get the donation like this place any more


Zanes Zana

Wonderful selection of fairly priced used items. Well organized with a super helpful staff. Store is clean and eye pleasing. Only complaint is that store needs more dressing rooms. We had a blast searching thru everything. Will be going back. Found and bought several fantastic items.


Beth Sparks

Prices WAY too high....people shop Goodwills and Thrift stores for good prices....not NEW prices! If you want used stuff and new store prices this is your place.....if you want thrift store prices, this Goodwill IS NOT THE PLACE TO SHOP!!


juliette waldowski

me and my fiance shop here all the time. we always find good deals on stuff here. the only thing i would change is that they stop selling dishes separate and sell them as an actual set instead of like 50 cents a piece


Caleb Giddens

Their selection is always changing, and staff are understanding. Parking is a challenge. Dont Park in the parking lot if you value your car, you will probably get dinged.


Nancy Horton

Changed prices at register, separated items meant to be paired at register. Cant look at color tag or price on rack to know price. Rude clerks i sure wont go back.


alex chaney

Ive come here quite a few times but never found something worth buying, or even worth mentioning. There are other cleaner, more varied shops around town to go to


Jessica Espinoza

Do not Mark the price on the tags hanging on the price racks but if the cashier thinks it goes on a different rack they dont change the price to where you found it


Beth Rogers

I love it when the staff is helpful and during my visit there the staff was very helpful. The store is a good size too, big store can hold a good amount of items.


Larry Wise

Really goodwill? Dont buy anything other than clothes from this place. They charge more than new for their furniture that they get donated to them.


Casey Arnold

There prices are high and some of there stuff doesnt work. And I heard two guys talking he bought a cell phone there and it was stolen.


A Private User

This store needs to change the name from Goodwill Thrift Store to Goodwill Gift Store considering the higher prices they charge.


Rebecca Collins

Everything thing is a mess nothing is in order clothes are all mixed up sizes not together dont have time for hunting sizes up


Elisabeth Erickson

This place gets donations from target and prices them at or above what target was selling it for. I just think thats wrong.


Johnny chang

My favorite thrift place♡♡♡♡♡ theyre priced much lower than D.A.V. I have found them to be reasonable


Briseida Salazar

New stuff every day!! Sometimes brand new due to the fact that target is always giving them stuff


Pamela Stray

They are clean, low prices, helpful employees, dressing rooms, and a 7 day return policy.


Lonetta Shanks

Nice store. Large selection. Always have to wait in line at registers is only downside.


ChanceStephanieChloe Howerton

New store is nice. Alot of room. Needs more shopping carts. I had to wait to get one.


A Private User

Prices are way too high for goodwill! I will just drive to the ozark goodwill certainly .


D Thompson

Nice Store. Their prices are not consistent w/other Goodwill stores Ive been too.

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Korrina Fisher

I love Goodwill. They have great deals on gently used clothing for a cheap price.