Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 19 is set to come on abc in one week’s time and judging from several of the latest details that space out there, at the forefront of this story is something incredibly topical: DACA.

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There is a good chance the you have seen some of the previews currently for this episode featuring the physicians at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital being went to by part ICE agents searching down one of the interns. Top top this episode, you’re walk to obtain a chance to really check out this story beat out. Someone will be target by the immigration authorities, and that could end up leaving several of the other doctors in a difficult position. Perform they end up protecting among their own? castle obviously will desire to, however this is plainly a political minefield and also there space a lot of of different things that need to be believed about. Hopefully, this episode is walking to sell up a possibility to see if this worry divides or unites anyone in the hospital.

Below, the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 illustration 19 synopsis provides up a little an ext insight. For those wondering, the title right here is “Beautiful Dreamer.”

An agent from ICE mirrors up at Grey Sloan in search of an employee who may be functioning in the U.S. Under DACA. Alex’s patience Kimmie wants to leave the hospital to enjoy her final days, yet Alex feels differently. Meanwhile, Arizona treats Matthew Taylor’s baby and also April desires to do whatever she have the right to to help.

It feels, going into this episode, prefer the big story that will be heavily promoted is the one featuring DACA and also we definitely understand that. This is Grey’s Anatomy knowing what is walking to acquire headlines outside of the present while likewise touching ~ above what is really important issue.

Beyond this story, though, there is quite a bit to it is in interested in seeing. For example, exactly how will Alex at some point respond to Kimmie’s wishes? It’s an interesting debate given exactly how protective the he tends to be over some that his patients; he may still it is in clinging to part last essence of home, i m sorry is no something the Kimmie might have beyond just a desire to enjoy what small is left of she life.

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As because that April, this episode will certainly be the actual test of whether or no she is truly past her situation of faith. What occurred with Matthew previously this season was among the catalysts into her descent. Here, she will have to see if she can move previous that; yet, over there is still an additional important concern in even if it is or no Arizona should accept her help, given that she is therefore emotionally invested in the case. That have the right to at time prove fairly problematic.

Is over there anything that you want to see once it pertains to Grey’s Anatomy season 14 episode 19? Be certain to re-publishing right currently in the comments!

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