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The owner that Harold’s Chicken No. 55 has actually opened a phibìc Side online kitchen. Google
two months ago, jae won concerns carried on by the pandemic compelled the 79-year-old owner that Harold’s Chicken Shack No. 55 to offer his iconic fried chicken native a North next ghost kitchen. Percy Billings is functioning as a one-man procedure inside a kitchen shared with Wendy’s and also Fatburger in flow West. Billings close up door his place in July top top 87th Street after, together the Tribune reported, the landlord boosted rent through 40 percent.

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The Harold’s at 8653 S. State Street (inside the shell Gas Station) is concerned as one of the city’s best amongst the many locations across the city. The restaurants have various ownerships and also wildly vary. Billings had actually no plans come reopen, but bills have placed forcing him ago in the kitchen, he tells the Tribune. The restaurant is back open because that pickup, which skips the the supervisory board fees. Meanwhile, the ghost kitchen provides pickup at 850 W. Remarkable Street or shipment via DoorDash.

The Tribune motivates customers to order direct from the 87th Street location and also notes the fees connected with third-party shipment companies which have the right to charge restaurants as lot as 30 percent in commissions. The city recently put a 15 percent lid on those fees. DoorDash responded through a $1.50 “ Fee” come recoup losses native the cap. That timing comes together the owners of DoorDash just had their initial public offering. They’re currently billionaires.

Billings has lugged credibility come Harold’s brand. One that has actually been repped by possibility the Rapper and at ComplexCon. It’s challenging to hear Billings grinding away by himself while Harold’s downtown is marketing merchandise and also shipping gallon jugs of mild sauce across the country for $42. The reaction to Louisa Chu’s piece in the Trib has actually been sympathetic. Alinea Group’s Nick Kokonas tweeted that he would love to lug Harold’s No. 55 to his Tock ordering platform (which fees restaurants 3 percent commissions) wherein they “will market the heck out of that awesome chicken.”

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