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Recently I have been refused entry to the U.K. as they were not satisfied I am a genuine visitor. Now, I would like to study in the U.K. But I"m confused as to what “voluntarily elected to depart the U.K.” means.

I was handed a Notice of Refusal of Leave to Enter. I departed the U.K. according to the instructions.

Should my answer be yes or no?


What voluntarily elected to depart the U.K.

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means is that, when you were refused entry at the border, you left and didn"t make a claim that might allow temporary admission. As an aside, such temporary admission is not an immigration status and does not have any rights attached.

Your entry refusal is now part of your UK immigration record, and would be considered during application for any other visa. Your answer should be yes, as to do otherwise could be considered deception and a potential factor for a refusal of any subsequent visa application(s).


Amongst other sommos.net history-related questions UK visa application forms typically ask ‘Have you ever been... ‘refused entry at the border’. This is what happened to you, therefore in all future applications where this question is included (UK or elsewhere) you will have to answer ‘Yes’. A detailed explanation of the terms is here Difference between deportation and removal


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