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"he eliminated me with a stun" is a direct line coming from a GB<1> proof video clip where Dentercowo<2> records his display screen with his iPad and also claims that the opposing player cheated by utilizing a stun grenade in the game contact of Duty: black Ops II. "he killed me through a stun" is a well-known line to come out of the video clip along v "he disconnected" and also "as you deserve to see".


The original video<3> post by Dentercowo<2> has been deleted. But many repost that the video still exist ~ above YouTube.

One the the faster repost ~ above YouTube was posted through the user Neppular<4> on august 6th, 2015.


"he eliminated me through a stun" to be picked increase by Faze Attach<6><7> and the line "as you can see" was used by MrTLexify<8><9>. Various other than YouTube the video clip can be found on iFunny and reddit an ext specifically r/gaming<10>, r/videos<11> and posted through the user Essaere<12> on iFunny.




Aliases and Information

The "Dentercowo" username is at this time in usage for his YouTube channel<2>, his twitter<13> is under the name "DenterAlert", his gamertag because that PlayStation network was "HatersMakeMeFeaR" (2015)<3> and also his many recent gamertag for Playstation network is "SSurreal-" (2016)<14>.

Other than digital usernames his genuine name is unknown, however the country he stays in is declared in his twitter<13> bio, The Netherlands.

External References

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stuncall the dutyhe disconnectedhe cant usage a stunworlds ideal gb proofdentercowohatersmakemefearhatersmakemefeardenteralertgbgb evidencekiingexceellnetherlandsyoutubemlggaming
Most of it shows up to it is in nonsensical videos disguised as creepy content, yet some have asserted to have actually seen some truly disturbing stuff in the hare hole.

They shouldn"t it is in this scary, but somehow, looking in ~ these pictures will leave you a tiny freaked out anyway.

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