BATON ROUGE, La. ( – It has been eleven days since Hurricane Ida came ashore in Louisiana.

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Recovery is still continuous for countless in the state and a local church is act their component to aid out.

Healing place Church continues to reach the end to those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

Johnny environment-friendly is an Assistant pastor at Healing place Church and also he joined our Zach Labbe top top NBC regional 33.

Green spoke around what the church has been law in places like Hammond.

Between 500 and 600 volunteer from Baton Rouge, Hammond, Laplace, Houma, and brand-new Orleans are joining the effort.

As of Thursday, Healing location Church has helped nearly 80 households and distributed end 500 tarps.

The higher Baton Rouge Food financial institution has also partnered v the heal Church.

Together, lock have offered out end 2,800 boxes of food and also 2,400 cooled meals.

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