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For this guide we are going to collection Gorian Artifact Fragment and Highmaul Relic indigenous Highmaul Reliquary chests the you can turn in because that rep conveniently by "realmhopping". Reaching exalted gives you the title "Conservationist" (with the quotation marks) and enables you come buy their tabard and also the tamed Razorback mount.You obtain 250 rep for 20x Gorian fragments and 350 rep for every relic. Every chest gives you one relic and also 2-10 gorian fragments. Presume you get 2 pieces every chest would be worth 375 rep so in the worst case scenario you would at most have to loot 112 chests. Being much more generous and assuming you acquire 4 fragments every chest you would get 400 rep every chest and also you"d have to collect 105 chests. For this reason you need to be done as soon as you have actually somewhere about 100-112 chests built up (just counting how many Highmaul Relics you have, you acquire one in every chest.) This is every assuming you"re starting at neutral v no reputation. I don"t want to provide you a particular timeframe together it"s mostly based on luck, sometimes I discover loads that chests in a row and other times I deserve to go for a lengthy time without finding any. It"s still fairly a fast method.You can just make a path about all the spawnpoints and also run about on one server yet we"re walk to do it a tiny bit quicker by using a particular spot and "realmhopping" with an addon like Server Hop and also Cross realm Assist. The clues we will certainly be farming has three chests situated at these collaborates in nagrand./way 62.5 34.5/way 62.8 36.5/way 62.6 37.2Here is some pics the the chest locations.You can see all the chests native this place on the wall by moving a bit. (Another album, click it.)Just remain on that wall surface and save jumping servers and checking the point out from the location and also just seize the chests if lock spawn and also then repeat until you have enough relics and fragments.This spot might not it is in the most efficient but it operated fine enough for me.

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If friend really want to maximize your performance you might look up the spawnpoints and probably find a better spot.You should likewise use her nagrand talbuk or horde tantamount if you have actually it for this reason you deserve to loot the chests while an installed to save some time.I can"t take it all credit as I gained the key idea indigenous this video clip made by "
Tommyruin Gaming" that I found on the wow reddit. The agriculture spot makes it means more efficient and I"ve checked out a fairly a couple of people act this ingame but they all seem to simply be standing in front of one spawn allude and convert servers which is both slow and also in my opinion that gets rather tiring just sitting still doing the same action over and over. This technique should in concept be 3 times as fast if not quicker considering you occasionally luck out and also find several chests on the one server.Tl;drStand in the spot whereby you can see every the chestsCollect the chests if you see anySwitch serverRepeatAround 100-112 chests must be sufficient to acquire you to exalted native neutral.