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As the old strength of the world fell, a new order arises to regime over what they’ve left behind – the whole world at your feet.

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In both Europe and Africa, the bastions the liberty the France and Britain have actually fallen to the thunderous storms that Nazi Germany and also their Italian allies in only years, soon adhered to suit by a catastrophic in east Europe, wherein the Soviet Union proficient an unavoidable collapse. The Axis have actually firmly imposed their domineering authority end these two continents, and many the what offered to it is in their opponents are now compelled to kneel prior to them and their policies.

Out in the East, Japan has consolidated that own organize over the entirety of the Pacific and also a huge chunk the Asia – what remained have no opportunity to even make a difference. Happily for your subjects, the Japanese realm is an ext virtuous contrasted to your European counterparts, and their people enjoy much more rights than almost everywhere else under the Germans’ thumb.

In America, the American superpower and any various other states that had actually the potential of being a risk to either human being power were merely annihilated; the joined States have been separated into three nations, one because that the Germans, one because that the Japanese and a buffer state accurately named the Neutral ar in the center. This could additionally be considered for the remainder of the continent also – numerous previously independent countries were split, forcefully puppeted and also some even annexed.

Nevertheless, in spite of the new order’s attempts in ~ pacifying the world, people of inhabited nations have staunchly rejected their authority and also still bring on energetic resistance; though tiny in nature, with much more support, they could easily peak the short-lived new order.



We carry out apologize for the brand-new page. We had actually some issues with gaining the documents updated therefore now, we have a new page. In the meantime, welcome everyone!

– contents for the Italian Empire– new Generic focus Tree & Events– Revamped Map and brand-new States in components of the World– brand-new Custom Portraits– brand-new Custom GFX– Timeline set in the male in the High Castle but with our own twist to prevent a too linear or cinematic universe


– Upcoming content for Dozens of nations (Ongoing)– wrapping up the many boring facets of coding (Ongoing)– A fully New and Redesigned tech Tree– A larger Dev Team


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– many thanks to Bloodlines: The Vietnam battle for letting us use their main menu user interface for the mod!


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The new owners that The male in the High Castle mode would choose to say thanks to the previous staff, cost-free & Batsy and also NCBlizzard & The_Referencer for their work right into this mod. Girlfriend will never be forgotten because that your hard work into what will certainly be ongoing into the future.