Paul is proud of the truth that he was named after the so late Dr. James Ayers, MD, a close family members friend. That traces his passion earlier to as soon as he to be 10 years old, and his love of pets of every kinds led that to phase funerals because that those creatures who surrendered to incident and accident, in his family’s ago yard ~ above Johnson Street, in Clinton. It to be there the learned the simple, healing value of ceremony. In ~ the age of 15 Paul began helping at royal Hall Funeral Home, under the so late Romer Hall. His enthusiasm for caring because that others led him to work-related on the Clinton Rescue and also Fire Department for over 20 years. He’s proud that the fact that in 1992, he was appointed the an initial full-time paid firefighter in the City that Clinton, under cook Leonard Edge. Paul is a graduate of Clinton High School, having actually received his diploma in 1984. Simply a year later he began his apprenticeship at Crumpler-Honeycutt Funeral home under the indict of the so late James Furman Honeycutt, and the so late Gene Barefoot. It to be later, in 1987 the Paul graduated from the Gupton-Jones college of Funeral Service. The plan to open his very own funeral residence came through the collaborative dream that Paul. He opened Hope sink Funeral organization & Cremation on January 19th, 2009. Paul has actually been a member that Clinton Fire & Rescue because that over twenty years giving ago to the world of Clinton and Sampson County,Paul to be the Co-Founder of Sampson ar Fireman\"s Honor additionally a Faithful Member that Clinton family members Worship facility under the management of pastor Lynn Blackburn. Paul has eight children, heather Dawn 24 lives in Dallas TX, Andrew Paul, Jessica Beatty Turner both of Clinton, Madison Reese Hawkins, Kipp Alterman Hawkins of Clinton, Emily Nicole Simonson, Evelyn Elaine Simonson and also Olivia grace Hawkins all of the Home.

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Fonda Beatty Hawkins

Office Manager, Funeral Attendant

 Fonda Beatty Hawkins stays in Clinton, NC with her husband Paul Hawkins and her children Emily Simonson, Evelyn Simonson, Kipp Hawkins, Olivia elegant Hawkins & Madison Hawkins. She has actually two older youngsters Jessica Turner of Clinton and Andrew Hawkins of Autryville. Fonda also has 4 grandchildren Haylee Turner, Jackson Turner, Skylar Thornton and Claire Thornton every one of Clinton.Fonda is the daughter of thomas Beatty the Fayetteville and Cathy Corbett of Turkey. She is a faithful member the Clinton household Worship center under the leadership of pastor Lynn Blackburn.

After working in the healthcare field for number of years she discovered her career was lacking the fulfillment she desired. Surprisingly, Fonda found her contentment was in the funeral industry. She discovered her enthusiasm in helping rather in their time the need.

Fonda has actually been a component of the Hope sink Family since 2010.


Jerry Lamont Nowling

Operations/Funeral Assistant

Jerry Lamont Nowling resides in Harrells, phibìc Carolina, His parents are Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Rela Nowling Jr. He has Three (3) brothers.

Jerry is a 2002 graduate the Union High School and also is a member the Hayes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Rev. Alford Holston.

Jerry has been with Hope valley Hawkins due to the fact that January 2012.

Emily Nicole Simonson

Funeral Attendant/Office Assistant

Emily is the daughter the Paul & Fonda Hawkins the Clinton. Her brothers and sisters space Andrew Hawkins, Jessica Turner, Madison Hawkins, Kipp Hawkins, Evelyn Simonson & Olivia Hawkins. 

Emily is currently a 5th year college student at Sampson at an early stage College High institution in Clinton, in the loss of 2020 she will be proceeding her education at Campbell college to achieve her Bachelor\"s degree in Biology climate Emily will continue on to the medical professionals Assistant regimen in the loss of 2022.

Emily is a member the the Beta Club, an essential Club, ducks Unlimited, Fellowship the Christian Students, she is a faithful member Clinton family members Worship center under the leadership of minister Lynn Blackburn and a member of the Sr. Youth Group. Emily is likewise a member that the adult choir and also of the Sacrifice art Ministry run team and also a cheerleader through the champions in movement Organization.

Kipp Alderman Hawkins

Funeral Attendant

Kipp is the child of Paul & Fonda Hawkins and also Clay & heather Carter. That is a student at Mintz Christian Academy. Kips siblings room Andrew Hawkins, Jessica Turner, Madison Hawkins, Emily Simonson, Evelyn Simonson & Olivia Hawkins. Kipp works at Clay Carter Farms and also he owns his very own cows.

Kipp is on the Mintz guys Soccer team. He is a member the Grove Park Baptist Church and likewise attends Clinton family Worship Center and Rowan Baptist Church. 

His future to plan is come enlist in the Air pressure upon graduating High School.


Evelyn Elaine Simonson

Funeral Attendant

Evelyn is the daughter of Paul & Fonda Hawkins. Her siblings include Andrew Hawkins, Jessica Turner, Madison Hawkins, Emily Simonson, Kipp Hawkins & Olivia Hawkins.

Evelyn is currently a college student at Sampson middle School. Her favorite topic is Science. She is a member of the Seaperch Club. Evelyn is an respect student and is additionally a member the the Jr. Beta Club.

Evelyn is a member that Clinton household Worship facility under the leadership of pastor Lynn Blackburn & a faithful member the the Jr. Youth Group. Evelyn is also a college student of Mrs. Becky spell Vann at The discovering Station and also a cheerleader v Champions In activity Organization.

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Evelyn aspires to it is in a Scientist once she grows up.

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