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Formerly recognized as the Community advance Commission/Housing authority of the county of Los Angeles, the firm was rebranded together the Los Angeles...more info

Pomona offers range of housing methods for civilization of every ages. Native custom-built residences on quiet, tree-lined streets to mansions of...more info
The City that Pasadena housing Department's waiting list will certainly be open up on October 15, 2014. Please visit the website and also register to get e-notify for...more info
The City that Glendale prides itself on the range of housing choices it offers to the residents. The Community advance Department, under...more info
The Housing department implements the City's assorted housing assistance programs. These include programs that offer owner-occupied rehabilitation...more info
The real estate Authority that the City that Los Angeles (HACLA) is a state-chartered windy agency. It offers the largest stock of affordable real estate in...more info
** at THIS TIME, WE space NOT agree PRE-APPLICATIONS ONLINE. PLEASE call THE firm FOR more INFORMATION. **Baldwin Park real estate Authority...more info
The housing Authority serves as an advisory human body to the City the supervisory board on the various real estate programs offered by the City of south Gate. These...more info
The housing Authority of the ar of Los Angeles serves in Los Angeles County, administering both the section 8 Housing selection Voucher and Public...more info
Historically, the City the Lawndale has actually been a bedroom ar of mostly single-family homes. However, in between 1970 and also 1990, plenty of older...more info

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The housing Authority assists low-income families uncover safe and also decent residences through jae won assistance and also helps people build an essential skills...more info

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