I notified TTS Ultra boost 3.0 before reading around and also getting tips to walk 0.5 down...so together they were shipping to me ns was fairly worried that it'd be also loose.

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After getting here today, I recognize that there's no way I can have fit half-size down from mine TTS Ultra Boost. That fits perfect.

Anyone actually half-size down and it fit?


Well. This scares me. I'm in in between a 10/10.5 for all my shoes. I wear 10.5 in 1.0/2.0 UBs. I ordered a two pairs in dimension 10 for the 3.0s... Worst concerns worst, mine dad is a 9 1/2 - 10. Merry Christmas Pop? If you view an enlarge Japanese man stunting on friend in core Blacks and also Navy in Honolulu. Say hello to mine dad.

Yea, i'd be worried, I view no possible means of sizing down in UB 3.0's -- guess part folks room different. I'm happy ns "accidentally" went TTS.

I obtained the very same size together my yeezy and also triple black (i'm 9.5 in pretty lot everything). Fits unique - if anything i could've unable to do a 10 on all. Ns am a 9-9.5 in nike air force 1.

anyone saying fifty percent size under is nuts

A bit different question 보다 OP, yet if I'm thinking about getting the Reigning Champ Ultra Boost, I'm obtaining the same kind of advice to half-size down, tho plenty of of these tips room coming native on-foot review on Youtube, i beg your pardon I'm inclined to believe.

This Youtuber actually tries on a pair of 1.0 UB dimension 11.5, and also then tries on a pair the Reigning Champ x UB size 11 -- appeared to right perfect for him, don't understand why the didn't just shot on both his 11 & 11.5 Reigning Champs tho....

Should i half-size under for RC x Ultra Boost?

I never go under on shoes that i haven't tried the end myself. Fifty percent size increase is usually safe still however most of the moment at worst friend may just need to twin sock or lace the tighter. The XR1 Pks and also Circa Knit NMDs space the just shoes I've ever owned wherein I can have gone down half a size yet I don't prefer snug fits usually.

XR1 PK and NMD PK ns actually simply went through advice I found on here and forums -- that ended up working out great, I always 0.5 under for those now.

I have women's Pink Tri-Color coming on Monday, ns hope sizing 0.5 down works for those as well -- don't see why castle wouldn't though as people normally simply do the men to womens conversion.

No, ns went with the exact same size together my 2.0 UBs due to the fact that I also missed out on the "size down" memo. Glad i did due to the fact that they fit perfectly, i was worried they would certainly be lot too loose after hearing all these sizing comparisons.

I stay 9.5uk (10us) for 2.0 and also 1.0 UBs. Saw pick up 3.0s last week and had a chance to try them on. Don't understand the specific material science behind it however after trying lock on the pk for the 3.0s feel stretchier and also thinner causing a looser fit for my feet. So chose to 0.5 under for a an ext snug feel.

That's really interesting, I have actually no chance an also "more snug feel" since the midsole is simply not long enough, mine toes would certainly go end the size of the sole and hang off the shoe.

I've tested this ~ above the black color 3.0, and Triple White 3.0 -- difficult to 0.5 down.

Just got my very first pair that ultra boost, and also was worried together well about the 3.0 sizing, but fortunately ordered TTS (10), which turned out to be perfect. But there is no means that i can have sized down at all.

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Did you order black 3.0?

Tbh I believed at an initial I couldn't dimension 0.5 down however I think it's reason mine was black and also didn't establish my toe was so far back from the toe crate end. After obtaining lighter colors ns realized how much my toe to be from the edge. Hopefully I gain to walk in keep and try 0.5 down.